This update cant be serious

this is the worst gears game ever made holy ■■■■ hahah

i dont even know where to begin

the whole thing is trash
it feels like im moving inside of a molten hershey bar
the reduced movement, the horrible connections, all the rubber banding and updates in matches
i dont know how they expect to hold anyone


College started so I’m not playing as much.

But I’m really turned off to play now.

Tdm’s back & im happy but it will take time to get used to it.

The movement isn’t my favorite. Feels slow. & I have my sensitivities at max.

We’ll see next update.

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Who doesn’t like Hershey bars? Melted they make good s’mores.


American chocolate is awful.

So we stay on topic… I think Gears 5 is just as bad as Judgement.


Lol. No Toblerone for me.

Sorry to derail as I’ve been told.

And Judgment was a great game.


Definitely without a shadow of a doubt.

Walking in jam I think you find op.

I will take Belgium chocolate any time.

@blushingvoid As my Mexican friend always say: “Want to jump with me into a cancerous versus session and rage with me?” Playing Versus is dang crazy atm…

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The part about this update that concerns me is the consistency issues when high pings/fluctuations are present. It’s always been an issue but I played a match yesterday where two enemy players went from 60ms-1000ms and they were unhittable. One of them had MVP and while he was spiking he was destroying everybody rather than suffering himself.

Did the new Gnasher take some magnetism away? If so, that’s great for low ping matches but it feels like it may be an issue for poorly performing matches. For example, in this specific match, I shot him point blank dead on many times. Pellets into the body but he survived only for his bullets to hit to my right and destroy me. If there was some magnetism is it possible that the bullets of mine would have killed him? In other words, carry over to his position rather than screw me over?

I really don’t know. But if that match, which was the worst I’ve ever seen in G4/5 is a representation of how high ping matches will go this is going to be a huge problem.

Of course, post match, it was them talking trash in Spanish. Gotta love those quality DSL connections they offer.


Yes. And it’s really making the game play terrible with all the Mexican and Columbian players with high pings.


Yeah, so that may be what needs to happen. Bring back the magnetism.

I am not a supporter of such assists but in this game its a necessity if this is the case. My shots are clearly hitting yet because the server is trusting their client more it’s discrediting my clients actions. With magnetism it would at least credit my kill as it seemed to direct the shot to the enemy at least to some degree. Now, my dead on shot basically disappears.

I’d like to hear some technical analysis on this as I am just guessing here. But something is much worse in these lobbies and there needs to be a fix.


…it really is, as for Gears 5 I’m trying so hard to enjoy, but I cant. It runs like sh iite e for me, I mean really badly.

I bought Sam tonight , which kept me happy for a while but it doesn’t do enough to stop the absolute bloody frustration and anger of seeing 2 symbols continually pop up in the lower right of my screen and then the game shatting the bed for a second while I can do nothing…oh yes I can, I can die.

I only get wound up with poxy Gears, specifically Gears 5.


I hear you, I’ve gotten to the stage that when the packet loss symbol ISN’T there it looks odd.

Absolute ridiculous and totally ruins gameplay. It’s worse than the laggiest matches of Gears 3. At least there you knew where you stood, which was in spawn after trying to leave it 5 times :joy:


God I love getting shot around the corner :slight_smile:

Long live Guardian!!!

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I put on Gears 5 for the first time.

Currently playing Guardian since im a noob.

The OP 4 update with the changes to Ranked and Tour of Duty I like, But once I got to Silver and got the achievement I stopped playing Ranked as I don’t like the mode. Its just easier to rank up in it now, matchmaking still sucks though,

The achievements though can go ■■■■ themselves. The 50K assists should be across all modes and not just versus. Since I rarely play versus it’s going to take me 2+ years to ever hit 100K kills and the 50K assists. That’s just some BS numbers unless versus is all you play 12+ hours a day.