This tuning sucks

Title says it all.
I honestly have no idea why TC is being so hardheaded about this. It makes no sense. They honestly do not care what their playerbase thinks, outside of a handful of pros.


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We understand there is a portion of the community that is continuing to give feedback on the live tuning changes. However, the tuning changes were in beta for 2 months prior to them going live. We asked for feedback during those 2 months, reached out to various players who were playing them regularly and whom they affected. The time for ‘we want it changed’ feedback was during those 2 months, as these tuning changes will be the last major tuning changes to PVP.

At this time, we are also going to be closing the This tuning sucks Thread. The discussion has run its course and is currently circling around the same points that we have now addressed above.

Take care, kill grubs, and be kind to each other.


I wish🥺

…cant tonight

“Portion” ??? You mean majority TC. The majority of the community is dissatisfied.


Agreed big time .

And now TC is trying just shut us up , this has been direction since UE , they made decision and thats it , we dont have anything to say to that , our opinion and experience dont matter nothing .

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From what I’ve gathered , this tuning seems to be in response (at least to a large degree) to pros getting outplayed by non-pro members of the community. Am I wrong on this?


You are 100% correct my friend, it was made because of some dogsh*t pro players complaining that regular normal players beat them too often, kind of sad really.


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I don’t want to expose the OP… but I might have to…

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