This tuning is for bots

This tuning is catered for people that are bad at the game .
It rewards people that sit and wait in cover
Your slowed down so your easy to get hit and the increase damage at range with the gnasher makes it even worse.
I can’t shoot over cover straight away . You removed this in gears 4 to make it instant because everyone wanted like that yet you’ve decided to delay it again wtf!
I’m actually bored running about on this game as it takes 10 years to get to one side of the map to the other .
Air back a nerfed , why ? It was a counter to people’s up as
And what I’ve seen all people do on this tuning is up a everything they see .
Also the health regen is a joke can’t heal quick enough for the game to flow .
There’s nothing tactical about this tuning it’s literally the person that’s aggressive onto someone’s cover loses every time . And the person who sits behind the cover the longest wins the battle.
Also don’t forget those stray pellets flying over cover can it you when your in cover that’s a joke
I feel like I’m handicapped I can’t move properly. I do actions on the controller and you get nothing .
Well played tc ,wait till everyone buys a £500 quid console just to play a gears game they could of played on the 360 10 years ago !!!


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