This Torque Bow Tag sucks

Like really who thought this was a good idea? I can’t hear anything and the explosive damage is too high. Also why tf is every event either arcade or FFA, torque bow tag was a fun team event


It was more fun when you heard your buddies getting the shot thru the head. Here you dont have it.

It’s not a team event? It’s in ffa?


In the past it’s been a team event. I said was

It’s first FFA Torque Bow Event and people are crying, lol , put it as Team , people would cry it isn’t FFA , cries all around

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I agree the torgue bow can blow you up from across the map people dont aim at you they aim at the floor or walls to get free kills in my opinion worst tourqe bow tag ever idc if its in ffa or not

At least you had chance to play the game, i have tried 7 times to play and I am waiting 15 minutes and then trying again, but still no love…