This tech test is awful - PC users are Lag Throttling and The Enforcer is unusable

I don’t know what to say, but this tech test so far has not done anything to make me excited for Gears 5 MP. Attempted to play on PC tonight after console was a disaster this afternoon. I got into 3 games, and it sucks. Why?

1.) Lag Throttling all over the place. What do I mean? You are in a match and you have a guy right in your sights - until the screen freezes and the person suddenly teleports to a spot near you and then YOU ARE DEAD. I have had this happen now several times in all 3 of the games I got into with multiple players on PC. This sucks because people are already using scripts and throttlers to mess up the MP. Awesome, said no one ever.

2.) The Enforcer is worthless now. No ability to group even a small burst without the gun sight flying up in the air. If you sneeze on it, it may explode now. This gun is now just trash. That is why you see most people using pistols if they are COG - it is because The Enforcer is now absolute ■■■■ to use.

Bad enough queue lines were absolutely wretched this afternoon, now we got PC players already screwing around in the game. After just 3 games online, this is not “fun” at all anymore.

Moving back to console later to try and see if things improve there - and I hope so because all this nonsense is making me not want to keep going much longer. It is painfully obvious this is half baked and not ready.

0/10 losing interest rapidly