This suspension garbage needs to be fixed asap!

I work 6 days a week, so i have a limited amount of time to play the game. Just got suspended because somebody quit the game before it started. I was playing solo, not even in a party so how am i getting suspended? I’ve had plenty of lobbies dissolve before and never been suspended. Way to chase away even more players. Love this game, but things have been getting ridiculous.


The worst thing is that they don’t seem to care. Like at all


Just got kicked from lobby, so please tell me why I get suspended and I didn’t quit? This is not acceptable! A fix for this problem is well overdue. Thanks.


no desesperes es a todo el mundo no lo van arreglar, yo estoi tambien como tu son unos mierda…solo quieren gana dinero con sus cajitas de mierda y sacarle dinero a casi todo el mundo creo que el gear5 sera igual DE MIERDOSO COMO ESTA PORQUERIA piensatelo 2 veces antes de comprar el gear5 porque este esta roto desde que salio

I noticed. Given the past lack of caring in Gears I am not surprised. Honestly, these devs. know that the base will still support the next game and just accept it. So, why put in the time. Sadly, I realize Gears 5 will be a mess at launch and then there will be excuses until such a time it is just accepted and 6 is talked about.

No reason to get banned like that. Happened to my and a few I played with a couple times. Sucks because they are done with Gears 4 so I would have to play any I do play solo now.


A week or two ago was my first time playing after a 1 year absence and it happened to me during my first game hahaha. You can’t make this stuff up. I just shut my X-Box down and tried again the next day. =\

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Happens to me EVERY day at least once. I keep posting in these threads (they keep coming…) in hope to be heard.

Even the most exposure on this issue will go unnoticed…just like our fury with Ranking/Matchmaking.

We are being neglected

we need special services for neglected gamers…lol

I’ve been banned for 30 minutes due to my connection timing out 3 times in the last 2 days. More in the last 2 weeks. Straight garbage. Just chilling at the loading map screen, ready to jump in and boom… 30 minute ban for nothing. 15 min was frustrating but 30 for doing nothing is unacceptable. The worst part is people STILL quit matches. Get your ■■■■ together Coalition. I’ll take a humiliating loss due to quitters and jump into another match rather than get banned for some BS any day. So stupid.

Well, you might be completely wrong about this one. No one is gonna pay for something that can’t be played, more than once at least. Or that’s gonna work for a month then with next “update” screwed massively. Or to support masochistic idea of being kicked out of lobby then suspended, like this thread says.

We learned something about developers in these years, yeah?

Even if you don’t support it the game will likely be a success for Microsoft and The Coalition. While you and I have been very vocal on the issues and agree on basically everything this is one area that I doubt they’re worried about. Unfortunately, there are no games even close to Gears so where would people flock to anyways? Call of Duty? Battlefield? See, not even close to being the same experience.

I wish they would fix all of the issues from disconnections, quit penalties to lag created by high unstable pings. But unfortunately they don’t and we’re stuck with this mess but I still play it because as I said above there isn’t anything else to give me my Gears fix.

Well, maybe I sound too negative sometimes but I wish the Gears all the best - my experience is from late 2016 till today, that’s not going to happen with current owner/developer constellation. The only thing that get fixes, regular updates and maintenance is pack related as profit making, you know that. Everything else is heavily neglected. Regarding those, I really doubt people are hypnotised that much. The majority of reviews on Xbox Live store for Gears4 are 1 and 2 stars, out of 5. That’s the reality TC and MS will accept one way or another. Where players would flock anyways? That’s easy - to the old Gears!

Oh sure, you mean to those 30FPS games with ridiculous screen shake? It was fine back then but I don’t see how anyone can play it after playing Gears in good ol 60FPS.