This Stupid Wraparound Shot Needs to Go

This is the dumbest thing in this game. How can someone take cover in front of me and instantly down/kill me as they HIT the cover? They don’t go over, shoot over, or go around the cover and then shoot. They hit it and next thing you know you’re down/dead and they’re already past you. My character never moves fast enough. The shot always hits cover. So dumb…


As annoying as it may be. How do you propose they eliminate it?

Add more shooting delays? No thanks.

It’s not something they can just turn off, it’s the result of underlying gameplay mechanics e.g camera movement, shot trajectory, aim assist etc. Knowing TC if they try fixing this one issue, they’ll f*** up something else to do with the gnasher.

Best just to learn to anticipate this type of shot and moving just the tiniest bit away from the edge of the cover often means they miss and gives you enough time to fire your own shot turning their own move against them.


How about not changing the shot trajectory to center screen when going around a corner, so it makes it seem like your gun is actually aiming at people and it’s slightly easier to know why you died? How about not snapping the character to where the camera is right after going around a corner, and actually making a player sit through the action they just took instead of being able to instantly get out of it?

You’d have to not know anything about the game and how it works to not know that they want to let you shoot as much as possible. Following through with that obviously has some nasty visual and lag repercussions, most of which could be improved upon if they were willing to actually improve the game instead of allowing it just for the 1% who’d complain that it were gone.


The up a has been in the game since the first, honestly its broken in this game and it was perfected in two imo the devs need to work on the shot consistency Because sometimes it hits through cover and other times it hits the cover or behind the player when you are at a certain point in the animation. This wasn’t an issue on 4, not to mention players just standing at a cover can get a shot off more quickly than a person mid slide/ up a. Ive had times where im mid up a and a player on pc is able to execute the up a faster after i had already exited cover due to fps, M&kb and fov. Not to mention delays on imput. I play pc 60fps and 80 fov Because i also play console and i believe anything else is unfair. Those who play 140 i believe is max fov with high fpa can use the lt to their advantage and actually shoot through walls or “wrap the shot” due to the center screen offset. Thats Been an issue since i believe 4…

Yes! Ive been saying this since i woke up this morning! All these pc guys gotta do is turn up the fov and their game just works better. The only reason they dont enable the fov on console is because theyre trying keep the console gamers down and sell more copies on pc.

Honestly this just sounds like the matchmaking isn’t working. You should try and learn to use those shots if they’re going to put you with guys who do.

Never had this wrap-around shot issue in Gears 2 and 3. Makes you miss’em even more because cover battles weren’t so sh*t like they are in Gears 5, a cover-based 3rd person shooter, might I add.

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Wrap around shot definitely started in Gears 3 and was really prevalent near the end of its life cycle…

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They were def there in G3. So was sniffing walls with your sawed off. That ■■■■ was horrible and boring dude.

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It wasn’t as dominant as it is now. I even tried to abuse it in Gears 3. It felt fair. Sadly Gears 5’s wrap-around shot is broken and probably won’t be fixed or bothered with.

I had a different experience personally, but I mean the counters for it haven’t changed since Gears 3/4 either.

I’ll admit it looks wonky and makes newer players call bull crap, but restricting movement and cover fights doesn’t seem right.

Not as prevalent. You must be thinking of a different game, my friend. Also, if you had trouble with the Sawed-Off, then that’s just your fault for constantly getting killed by it. It was fairly easy to bait out the shot.

If you think that Gears 3 was horrible and boring, that’s your opinion. However, I will respectfully disagree, as many others will.

I wouldn’t call it restricting movement. We were fine with the movement in Gears 3. Never heard any complaints about it, and that particular movement is still wanted to this day. If restricting movement means nerfing a shot that doesn’t make any sense, then I’m all for it.

A shotgun shouldn’t shoot around a whole piece of cover if the barrel can’t even fully wrap around it. That’s the main issue with the wrap-around shot in Gears 5. That’s why it’s considered broken.


If you have trouble with wraparounds and back A’s it’s your fault for not knowing the mechanics of the game. and yes, compared to every other gears game, CQC was the most boring in 3 due to the new loadout weapons designed to water the gnasher play down. That’s just facts bud, you can disagree all you want.

Agree to disagree, my friend. The fact is, if you think that the wrap-around shot in Gears 5 is balanced, then you’re delusional to a certain extent. It was bearable to deal with in Gears 3 and 4 (Although it wasn’t really there in Gears 3 to begin with, but nostalgia can ruin your judgement), but as many have stated, it’s outright broken in Gears 5.

I can see that you didn’t enjoy Gears 3 much. I don’t know if I can take you seriously on the matter. The CQC was fine in Gears 3, as was the weapons and movement. The Retro was a little much, but there’s a counter to everything. If a simple weapon like the Retro and Sawed-Off scared you away from Gears 3 that much when the Gnasher was still rather prominent, then I’m sorry to say, you couldn’t adapt.

I may prefer Gears 2 over Gears 3, but Gears 3 was, and still is one of, if not the best Multiplayer Gears game we’ve had, and it shows from the majority of complaints about Gears 5 and multitude of players that have abandoned ship due to the sh*t that TC’s been giving loyal fans of the franchise. Don’t turn a blind eye over the facts, my friend.

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lmao don’t hurt yourself thinking of a reply so quick, my friend. You name call and make disrespectful assumptions in the face of facts and knowledge. I have way better things to do than argue with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Ps: I thought the Retro was fine in 3. Sorry you had so much trouble dealing with it.

I’m just stating facts, my friend. It’s pretty clear that you didn’t play Gears 3 enough to make comments about it. I’ve probably played more Gears than you have, so I’m technically your Elder. If your favorite Gears game is Gears 5, then I’m sorry to say this, but you must be a new Gears player.

I’m not a fan of them, but you just need to predict when someone is going to use it.

Every time I’m in cover and I see someone coming at me, I just assume they’re going to do it.


The back a pop shot usually works against someone trying to run around cover. It’s not a problem of not knowing what to do or how to counter or not knowing how to play. That’s just a dumb statement. I believe most of us here know what we’re doing and have been playing long enough to know these games’ mechanics.

My whole issue is when someone hits cover in front of you and you die after they hit it. It looks like they just bounced on it and ran away. It doesn’t even look like they shoot you. You can’t predict this and time it well enough to counter it. You literally explode the INSTANT they hit cover in front of you.

PS this isn’t a latency issue

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I don’t know about being able to up A someone faster but the FOV thing with the wrapshot does sound very game breaking in terms of fairness.

I’m sorry to say I’m on PC nowadays though. Just never had a good enough reason to warrant buying an Xbox. I wish Gears was it but it hasn’t been.

I personally don’t touch the FOV because I don’t like the way it distorts the look of my game.

I guess if all this is true then keep cross play off and advocate the option remain there,