This somehow looks displeasing

Easy 8 star objective lol

It’s 6 stars…

Isn’t it that you cannot see the other two stars? I don’t think the system was designed to show more stars than six.


Ahh maybe.

As the modes I play don’t have any power weapons, I usually replace it with the free “re-roll”

Just go play a bot match for like 10 minutes or an arcade one and select a chaeacter that can spawn a heavy weapon. Gets it out of the way easy. Rereolling something so easy is just a waste.

It’s 8 actually. It’s just a visual glitch - it shows 6 but gives you 8. Bc ya know showing 8 stars on screen is WAY too hard for TC lol


I wonder why they decided to implement 4-star dailies. Once again something that wasn’t mentioned anywhere (also I saw someone else post a 4-star challenge without boost but couldn’t find the post).

I’m curious how they designed these GUI elements. Basically whether it overlaps with the progression bar GUI element and therefore is behind it or something or whether it causes a line-break.
Or whether it’s some other shenanigans.

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“Finally, we are reducing the stars per rank in this Tour of Duty and we’re increasing the stars awarded for each daily objective completed by 1.”

From the Operation 8 drop 2 announcement post towards the bottom, in the Tour section of it.


Ah brilliant! I was looking for this and couldn’t find it. Thank you.

Well, I’ve got blind eyes then! Thanks for pointing that out.

Although, that’s the only 4-star challenge I found so far… they didn’t happen to mess this up right? :wink:

Gotta ask somebody else there, I have paid about as much attention to the dailies in the recent Operations as I have to PvP(aka practically not at all).

We’re in the same boat here, I just randomly saw that 4-star challenge when afking around in the menu.

I’ve had a bunch of 4 (8 with boost) star dailies since the season started which is how I completed the Tour in like a week. Seems to be working fine imo.