This should have been a season pass game

Those were the good ol days. These days they charge 80 for the ultimate edition and you get 2 things extra then they release tons of stuff after asking for 1000 of dollars in cosmetics. Maps are recycled or just lame, releasing 6-8 in a year if lucky. Characters added later will cost too and they are lack luster as well. Or you can grind individually but you will hate it so buy them. Not to mention this game is broken. Why not charge us 10000$ for the game and release the finished product. Sarcasm. Then release all the extras quarterly so it feels like we didnt get ripped off. Or do what tc does, charge 80 for an incomplete broken mess and bleed us 10$ a skin and 5$ for other crap and milk us for characters and well, everything they are doing right now. TC ruined gears completely after all the chances and even times i stood up for them, this game happens. Its not fortnight. Cosmetics shouldn’t be a total of 10000$ characters and map releases either. What ever happened to completed games with a season pass!?!? Community what do you think?


The problem with season passes is that they separate the community. At least we all get the new maps and characters for free.

The problem is that the prices are still high for a AAA game. I have no problem with microtransactions but at a reasonable price


Everyone complained about it at the time. What everyone b*tches about now with the microtransactions? Season passes were met with the same vitriol. It’s easy to look back and say “we had it better then”, because it’s no longer “then”. In reality, the moral outrage of the gaming community was largely the same.


“Be careful what you wish for.”

Never has there been such a time in gaming where that is true.

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I still think season pass was better. 4 had the pass and i was happy with the content. Grinding for credits to unlock packs was annoying but worked. There was also on option to buy packs or even special esports packs for cosmetics. It was something that earned them money after the pass. Plus you could always buy credits for packs if you didnt want to grind. At least extras weren’t extremely overpriced like this game. Plus characters we free or even earnable from some event. Gears 5 just seems like an expensive fortnight game. 10 dollars for 1 character skin. 5 for 1 weapon skin. 5 for an execution. Thats just crazy! I wouldn’t Mind paying these prices if iron was easier to earn. Completing the tour gives you 500 iron, not even enough for a character skin!

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Really??? The season pass for Gears 4 was a rip off.

I dont remember an option to buy credits

Esports pack were a complete rip off to people. $10 for a chance at a character or weapon skin. People spending way over $100 for a complete weapon set.

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Although map packs/season passes did have its issues, mainly the one you mention where it split the community, it did have its advantages.

When Gears focused on map packs, the rate at which maps were released were faster than it is now, due to the simple fact that Epic had a monetary incentive to pump them out. There is also the fact that it made it much more affordable to get everything in the game than it is now.

So although it did have its cons, it also had its pros as well imo.

Yeah, Gears4’s season pass has got to be the most useless season pass known to mankind.


Still better than iron. 1000 iron for $10 :grimacing:

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You mean compared to what @ll_R_E_D_l stated about the esport packs? If so…

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Esport pack were horrible but they were just skins for a few existing characters. Now its 10 bucks for a single character skin and 5 for a weapon :face_vomiting:

Rather spend the 10$ on something I want rather than that same 10$ for the slight chance of getting something I want, but to each their own.


The season pass for Gears 4 was trash initially, but it had its value after TC upgraded what came with it. The loot drop, the weekly bounties (for scrap if nothing else), the monthly special events, map ownership, extra xp and credits.

Having private ownership of some maps didn’t split the community. All you needed was one person who had the pass to host.

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Im not saying that i liked esports packs. But this new store is atrocious. 5$ for curb stomp. 10$ for delivery mac :joy::rofl::rofl:. I just think that with a season pass you know what youre getting. 16 maps and extra characters or whatever it was. Now its mostly cosmetics for money at a high price.

But yet people were dishing out hundreds of dollars to get 3 characters and a full weapon set.

Im not arguing that the prices are high but we’ve only seen 5 character skins so far. If they give the same amount of free content like they did in Gears 4 then there will be plenty of great skins

The only skins you got were from the preorder not the season pass. And if TC didnt feel like they ripped people off they wouldnt have uped the amount of boxes in the supply drop it gave

Not necessarily. They could easily make a season pass just for cosmetics.

people are still giving out hundreds of dollars. And i never said anything about skins with the season pass

yea but at least this time around they are actually getting what they want instead of a chance at something

And my point still stands you didnt get extra characters from the season pass

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Cosmetics are just too much money in 5. The ultimate edition gave me very little iron and 2 halo characters and 2 terminator ones. Maps roll out every 3 months. Characters will come slowly as a grind or 500 iron a piece. Any other character skin costs 1000 iron. And all other skins, executions, banners, bloodsprays, emotes ect cost a few dollars as well. With the season pass i knew about the content i was getting. Skins were in packs for 2000-400 credits, a grind but free. Esports was esports for 10 a pack, so extra. The system wasnt perfect but i think it was better. I still never said you get characters from the season pass. Read the op

I quoted what you said. Here it is again.

So $10 for what you actually want is worse than $10 for a chance at something you want

Im not disagreeing that the prices are high. But this system is 100% better than the loot boxes in Gears 4.

The problem is people are assuming that 90% of the skins are gonna cost iron. We dont know for sure yet. But from what Ive seen in the 1st Operation theres been more free skins then theres been paid skins

Characters will be free and I doubt they’ll make every skin for the free character a paid skin. Yes some will cost iron but I doubt all will.


I completely agree with you. I honestly don’t see how anybody could disagree. Yes the old system was never preferred back then but it was 10x better then where we are at now. I think this is the approach Microsoft wanted to make all along. I have a feeling Halo is gonna be the same way. I think Microsoft has alot of push for this , this may not be all TC. I just have an Xbox for Halo and gears . Most of the time is on PS4 yes they have MT but nothing like gears is rn. Song actually cares about customers honestly , Microsoft just trys to get every penny from their customers.

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