This ranking system

I’ve been grinding my butt off in ranked Tdm, I made it all the way up to diamond 3 at ONE PERCENT! ONE PERCENT. That basically means one win and I’m Masters! So the match starts and my team is absolutley terrible, like 2 of them seriously didnt seem like they knew how to roadie run, just walking everywhere with lancers out looking confused. Why on earth would I get matched with absolute beginners when I’m a diamond 3! I feel cheated and it’s really unfair. And of course the entire enemy team knew what they were doing. Why me? Lol. I got 2nd total points and lost a lot of points on my rank. Will this get better?


1st problem is your playing Trash TDM

2nd problem your playing solo


Not what really what the post is about buddy. Doesnt matter what game mode it is, a diamond player should never be matched up with brand new people.

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I know what your trying to say. What people dont seem to understand is that this is a new game with a new algorithm, with a ton of new players. It needs time to work though and get the info it needs. So yea right now your stuck with that


Same here I’m mainly a solo player and just got to Masters Rank, but took me forever kept getting bad randoms and dropping from 1% to 6% back and forth.


It’s so frustrating :joy: I’ve reached 1 percent like 10 times now. You should add me!

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This is dumb they should have it matchmaker by party size plus Elo doing it by just Elo is stupid.

This. If you always matched up party sizes, ELO would be universal since any party size advantages would just cancel out.

They should match by Party Size and Elo its not hard. just cap it off so a Oynx player cant play with someone who is a rank lower or higher . And before people say i have friends who are lower than me well i guess they cant play with you then (Git Gud)

I’m nice and cozy at my Bronze 3. Absolutely no expectations from me what so ever :grin:


Been happening to me too . A lot of quitters, people that join rank games to not play and what not as well.

It’s all good, we’ll get were we re suppose to eventually but man, do I feel like the system is working against me 70% of the time.

Ranking up is pure garbage in 5. Always an Onyx (3) player in Gears 4. Now I’m stuck in Silver 2. If I win, I barely go up…

Hell, I placed Diamond 2 during the Tech Test… :unamused:

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Then don’t solo queue? Sure you’re at diamond rank but that still doesn’t guarantee you god tier teammates. Also I’d like to ask, were you communicating with your team at all? Because you probably went up against a 5 stack. It doesn’t matter if you’re all diamonds or not if your team is running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.

In theory it isn’t hard, but when Onyx/Diamond players make up a very small percentage of the player base, the wait time to get into a match increases immensely. People in Bronze through Gold ranks will probably find matches very quickly, whereas people who are high level onyx or diamond will see longer matchmaking times to get into matches.

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I like the ranking system, because you don’t have to win.
When your team is trash you still can rank up because of your personal talent.
And I don’t know if you get matched with people on the same rank because they never show the ranks of the others. And in gears 4 I also got ranked with all other ranks.

But the game is new so the ranks atm doesn’t really matter, for example, overwatch took about 1 year to separate the gold players from the grand masters.

I think I prefer to play PS4 than wait a year.

I have lost points winning and being MVP.
Im O2 in TDM and have played with people that didnt know water can kill you in Icebound. It drives me crazy.

And the worse is that TC say nothing. Everything is OK.

My friend you must be very good to get to diamond 3 playing solo,
reach the master only with a reasonable team , The few games I played solo I just lost

I’ve been all this afternoon and evening trying to being promoted in King of the Hill, I was Silver 1 6 % top.

I thought the next was gold. I was completely annoyed about being playing with and against really bad teams and some really good players. Just luckily I met a guy from other forum, I recognised him because he had the same nickname in the game, so we added each other. When I finally have been promoted, I just got to Silver 2, which was hugely disappointing. I was just trippin’ and went to check my friend ranks. Most of them are Silver 1 too, but this guy from the forum that I randomly found in the enemy team, was Silver 3!!! What??? So the game has been matching me with people with very superior ranks and still I struggled to got promoted to Silver 2??? That guy wasn’t even really good! I outplayed him in most of the gnasher duels.

I have just played one match in Silver 2 and well, at least the first match wasn’t bad, no leavers, no AFKs, no people doing nothing or being just next to power weapons respawns… But we son so easily, that I was MVP with almost the double points than the enemy leader (I was 10000 and he was just over 5500). It is just crazy that I had to spend most of this afternoon and evening (and yesterday’s) just to notice that I’m in a really similar place.

I had three consecutive matches with leavers. I was Silver 1, top 3%. First one there were two almost from the beginning, I was MVP, still 3%, reasonable, ok. Next match, just the same, three leavesas soon as we start dominating them in the first round. MVP again, still 3%… Ok. Third match, two or three of them leave, this time I’m not the MVP, we quickly, easily make the 2-0… AND I GOT TO TOP 4%!!! WTF???

It just can’t be this painful to get out of this ranks where there are so much bad players. It’s not just the leavers, the AFKs, the weapon camping people… (The match when I went from 3% to 1% the enemy team stayed for all the match but they were total newbies, I mean it, like they just finished their first Gears of War). It’s of course those people who doesn’t heal you, doesn’t play objectives…

I don’t know. At first I thought I just had bad luck in the first 5 classification matches and got to a much lower level and was still near to gold. I didn’t complain about being hard to be promoted, Halo 3 style it can be a good way but then we all should have started in Bronze 1 so you can climb easily over worse people. But this… This is so uneffective as not playing with any ranks at all.

I’m playing in PC BTW.

Aaaand european with 50ms ping that sometimes feels like >100 (not Gears 2 >100, but still pretty bad). There’s something wrong with the netcode if that ping is realistic. I will post also some clips.

In theory, yes. But it is possible for your team to be so outmatched that you can’t perform well regardless, since it is a team game after all.

Or the classic situation where you lose the first round by a point then your team just gives up and stops trying to win. Hard to perform well (in KotH at least) if your team gives up like that.