This 'ranking system' (or lack thereof) is a joke. You know it, I know it, and TC know it

I have a full time job. On the weekends I like to hang out with friends and you know…live life. I would also like to get that heroic obsidian weapon set. Unfortunately these things are not compatible with each other due to this competitive leaderboard system. It’s a participation trophy. I am a top 1% player but I do not play enough to place in the top 1000 in any game mode. I’m basically being punished for having a life outside of the game. My individual skill be damned, I just don’t play the game enough to deserve to be among the top ranks where I rightfully belong according to TC.

This needs to change. It literally feels like TC had no clue what to do with ranked and were just kind of like ■■■■ it, no more ranked then. I could go on about this for so much longer but I’ve made my point. The competitive leaderboards are utterly dim-witted and do not reflect a player’s skill in any capacity. The gall TC has to call this mode ‘competitive’ astounds me.


The only positive thing about comp is the amount of modes you can play while still playing “ranked”.

Besides that, I prefer the old gears 4 ranked system. I knew my place in the machine and I was ok with that. I knew I couldn’t probably be anything past diamond 2 but that’s ok, that’s just my skill level.


Can we get some confirmation on this statement?


Ranked has been a joke since esports took over the developer’s focus.

The players who are being paid to play are influencing game building decisions which benefit themselves more than anyone else. In any other business that is a conflict of interest at best and borders on lines close to insider trading by pushing development to pad their own pockets.

Regardless of the lack of ethics, ranked as it exists is bowlship. :money_mouth_face:


If you are top 1% skill wise you can definitely get to top 1000 in capture the flag. I’ve played maybe 10 hours since the season started and I’m ranked top 500.

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Don’t you have to be top 100 now to receive any reward? I was under the impression they changed it.

i hav vry hi kill deth rashio xD

I agree, somewhat, but at least you can peek at other stats like someone’s k/d and w/l ratio, and maybe number of matches played and get a better sense of how much they deserve to be in the top 100. It’s interesting to see how the numbers vary wildly from player to player.

I’m rather mediocre myself with a 1.4x k/d and a 1.5x w/l and I’m nowhere near the top 100 but then there’s a guy with .8 k/d and less than 1 w/l who’s in the top 20. I’m not salty about it at all mind you. I see it for what it is and nothing more.

I may end up trying that. I was trying to do it in guardian since I definitely don’t play enough to do it in control and I hate FFA. But I’m not a huge fan of CTF as a whole either unfortunately.

How many matches have you played and what’s your w/l ratio?

Just checked. It doesn’t list my time played in the stats page on Xbox. 63 matches. 30-33. Ranked #454.

@Crazyjacknuts it’s top 1,000 get rewards.


my advice is to forget the Leaderboards and go back to playing the game for fun. this new system is a time sink that is designed to do one thing, keep the remaining players engaged for as long as possible. that didn’t happen with Masters due to high water marks.

I find myself playing less these days because who cares about a Banner and some Coins?

it did the opposite of what they set out to do in my case.


Wow that’s really low. Maybe next season ill do ctf and guardian for top 1000

How many points do you have?

Ah I do miss being Onyx 1 and that’s its. I want it back but the game is coming to an end so this is what we have now.

Capture the flag!!! And free for all, but I know those arent popular modes, but they did rotate the obsidian set amongst the playlists so make sure you know what set you are working for

425K I think.

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