This ranking system is

Worse, TC,

I honestly believe you guys had the best intentions with this new rank system, but at the same time I feel you guys tried to make a system that’s easily accessible it loses it’s value and purpose in a lot of areas.

I’ll keep try to keep this brief:

  1. Still boostable and doesn’t represent player skill - If there’s a quitter on your team and you’re playing against a 5-stack, the GP can be boosted. Just got off a match where it happened. The sad part was that these were “eSport players” with the gold esports emblem. They declined to end the match and just farmed the people who didn’t quit until they could try and reach the cap. It ended up being a 30 mintue match and unpleseant waste of time. For the first time ever it made me want to quit, but hey it seems like rewarding unsporting behavior is now good right? The best part of all, if you have two quitters in your team, you get massively penalized and lose more points than you should. Also, you guys live for Esports players now that you have them spreading bad behavior around the game. Gears has always had cocky players and a lot of trash talk, but coming from those who “represent” the game competitively. LOL.

  2. Even little bobby can climb up without doing anything! - There’s a new set of players emerging where they realize how easily to climb up and let a lot of the other players do the hard work. You call them support players, but in reality a good support player crosses, flanks, watches the ring or the weapons, etc… etc… but little bobby now hits someone with 2 hits of the lancer and gets 2 GP. Little bobby waits for the ring to spawn, gets it and leaves and doesn’t protect it. He gets 1GP. Little bobby see’s a down and they shoot it to get 2 GP. They end the match with over 90GP and you never saw little bobby on the battlefield. Oh but Xane, Gold + it requires 135 GP as a match entry. Yeah, but if you carry the little bobbies, because eventually they win, and rank up.

  3. Now let’s talk about comformist bobby – Comformist bobby is another beast. He doesn’t care if he wins or loses. Why? Because he loses motivation. There’s a GP Cap, as soon as he see’s he’s not getting points, he loses motivation and stops playing with that fire he had at the start oif the match. While I get the cap is there to prevent boosting, WHICH STILL DOES NOT WORK IF THERE ARE QUITTERS, When you excel more than the rest of the people in both teams and were capped 30 elims over cap, 5 ring caps over cap, 5 breaks over cap. You feel cheated. Robbed. So if you know you capped, why keep trying? People seem to have this behavior. Yeah they try to win, but they don’t seem to be as invested.

  4. Quitters and boosters – The biggest problem with your ranked system and it stems from the failure to keep 5 stacks against a group of singles or a duo pair and 3 singles. As soon as someone quits, you’re team can barely win the match if the other team is good. So once you’re higher than Gold, this is basically a guaranteed loss. Sure, “you can mitigate” the amount of GP lost, but hey there’s a cap. Weren’t you guys saying this is a better system than the previous one? Because I honestly feel this new system didn’t bring over the best things of the previous one. If you know the new system doesn’t handle quitters and you guys have a fix for quitters (which in my mind won’t work because people in Gears always quit for the smallest things, besides the game issues where you get banned in the map voting screen…), why then you guys don’t mitigate the amount of GP reduced from the match entry % based on the amount of people who quit? You guys have all this information and more than you should have. If someone quit for 80% of the match, or you guys can observe the behavior of the player and how much they’ve previously quit matches, you can help those who were left there and refuse to quit, but this system just throws them under the bus. Then waiting for OP 5, 3 freaking months for a fix, honestly the developers response to these issues seem more than slow, when a lot of other games seem to reply to issues like these quicker. I’m not pointing fingers at people whom left or are currently in charge of things, but why a freaking nerf, change takes so much time? You guys have Gears in your hands. The most unbalanced 3rd Person shooter in existance, neither Epic could make a perfect Gears, just make it playable and people will always play and people will always quit. This game feels unplayable in a lot of areas. Sure, some fans might love wallbouncing, others will hate it. Sure, 97.4323224% of players only use the gnashers, the 3% complains it’s a shotgun game. You guys have the source, have the data, have the community feedback to for the first time ever, make a fun gears game.

The maps, it’s now only Checkout, Blooddrive. Are you serious? It feels more stale, I already miss foundation and Allfathers Arena and those were getting picked always and the new Maps since to be so “balanced” they feel boring. Gears 1, 2and 3 maps were more fun. It’s supposed to be about fun. Yes they had their share of bad maps, but they weren’t made with eSports in mind. Every single map in Gears 5 just seems to be so focused in weapon balance that the flow of the match just feels repetitive, stale and boring. This is coming from someone who’s played every single Gears game, not just an average joe who started with Gears 4. Hell some Gears maps might even be bad but you have your good memories. Sandbar i’m looking at you. Overpass can screw itself. River was a horrible map, but the map WAS FUN.

This post might not even be read or cared for, which seems to be the biggest issue with feedback. The feedback that you guys listen seems to be selective.

I really wanted to lik e this system, Guardian was removed, TDM was removed and now the rank system is in a worse state, in my opinion. It’s not a matter of getting good and keep playing, the thing is it feels like a waste of time playing ranked at the moment. Sure it’s a pre-season but with the slow response… how much time till those issues are fixed?

When I play in Ranked, it’s just stress and anxiety. There’s no enjoyment. I love competitive matches and competitive games, I’ve got to Masters in every OP except the last one because I got banned for 15 mins on the map voting screen after being “kicked” and dropped from 13% to 30% and then a few losses in a row, I was around 70% and couldn’t care to grind to reach Masters one more time.

I keep coming back every new OP to give this game a chance. Horde is a convoluted mess. Escape is another mess. You need people for those. That’s another thing, you can’t always play with 5 buddies, sometimes 2, 3… you know… I’m stopping now lol. Because I’ll keep going and honestly this won’t matter :slight_smile:

Love ya TC,

Still hopeful you guys will get it right someday.


Lol, i stopped playing ranked months ago… I havent seen anything sinxe that would make me want to try it again…

It always feels like 1 step forward, 3 steps back…

This GPs with a ceiling thing, who thought that was a good idea, really???

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While I do agree with some of your points, we need to wait some time before people rank up and bobby’s and gary’s are left behind.

Right now it’s bobby’s and gary’s against 5 stack diamond players. In a week or two you won’t see that so maybe high ranked players won’t be mixed with low ranks. I believe a fair share of issues will be fixed by then.

That is the problem. Im hoping as well that’s the issue, but some of the quitters are long time players or those with Master skins. As soon as they start getting killed, they quit. Hopefully they have more improvements. Still hopeful though! :slight_smile:

So… Can I ask some questions? Just to get a full understanding of the initial post.

  1. You said STILL boostable, correct? Which means with the old ranking system, it was boostable before… No? The only difference is there’s a cap now, which means there’s only so much boosting any team can do within a specific game. With the old ranking system, it was possible to boost a ridiculous amount using the same method, correct? As such, I do not understand how this is a grievance against the new ranking system. This should be a grievance against esports & possible regular players using dishonorable ways to increase their scores. Can you please shed some light on this? In addition you stated it “doesn’t represent player skill”, can you elaborate? Or was this part included in one of your other points?
  2. Over & over since this new ranking system came out I keep hearing the same complaints. The complaints are always from ONE type of player, the same type of player the game was infested with previously, the ones who thump their chest insisting they are the best because the old scoring system supported their type of play. In addition, the complaints are always specifically one sided, it’s really very odd. Let’s assume you have statistics (which you don’t) on how often “little Bobby’s” show up in matches & recorded data on how much they actually contribute. What about the little Kevin’s? The people who, run around the map, looking for opponents already being engaged by their teammates, only to suprise shot them from the back or side, claiming most of the points with the old scoring system. That’s… “skill” in your mind? If I see an enemy coming, & I shoot at him with my lancer. He realizes his health is dwindling, so he ducks into cover, like any sane player would. Kevin then runs up from the side, after seeing the scenario & shoots the enemy. Is Kevin a “Master Level Player”? Does Kevin deserve to be rewarded 150+ points while I should get… 10? If I drizzle an opponent with bullets, and right as they are downed I need to reload. Little Kevin, during my reload time walks up & shoots the enemy while on the floor. It means I should get 50 points for downing the opponent but little Kevin should get 100? Despite the fact that I have LITERALLY done all of the work??? That doesn’t make sense, and that’s why the system was changed. If you have a suggestion on how kill stealing as a whole can be mitigated, then I’d love to hear it. But if your concern is only about little bobby & not little Kevin, you are part of the problem.
  3. All of the conformist Bobbys should be weeded out by gold rank, since you HAVE to win to not be deducted GP.
  4. I can agree with this.

Sounds like a terrible experience you had. I’ve noticed similar things in which a team has clear control in a game, they’re likely to let things extend longer to get a couple extra GP. Has happened to me too in a 3v5 game.

I’m not a fan of the new system, at least for KOTH or Gridiron, but I’ll have to fight against this. Solo “little bobby’s” will eventually hit a plateau. But there are likely to be players who stack will have inflated ranks if the rest of their squad can carry enough weight.

For me, under this new system it’s stress and boredom. Stress because on a loss it feels like I’m wasting my time (felt like this yesterday on a 110+ elim 4v5 game) and boredom because every game is a lancer fest because people are so desperate to win and fill their quota. KOTH has lost something in this transition. The fun. It’s why I’m basically only playing 2v2 or FFA when playing ranked and find myself more often than not in custom lobbies.

  1. The problem with this one it seems that is that while it does indeed have a cap to prevent boosting, it still can be easily boosted when you lose players. The previous system was uncapped but it was more balanced in terms of your personal performance vs team performance. At the same time, it had a safety for when you had leavers in your team. This one punishes you way more if you have leavers (Match GP Cost per rank), after you’re gold and above, having leavers is a guaranteed drop. .

  2. I don’t know if I gave the impression of thinking I’m the best? Perhaps because I said I was Maasters previously before? If I did and it came out like that, sorry, but by saying Masters is the amount of time invested to climb up. I actually puit the time and fought hard to climb. Plus, these little bobby’s, sure I don’t have a stat but since the previous system, you always had a lot of people on your team that looked like they’ve barely played Gears. Right now, I’m done playing for the night. Lost 3 matches in a row , in all of them we had leavers, no toxcity, no nothing. Just people complaining about not using the lancers and so on. I myself am an all round player, I play Overwatch and I flex roles whenever is needed. You quickly jumped to assume where I’m just a guy who runs around the map using the gnasher only. I love the gnasher as much as the next guy in this game, but you’ll find me going/fighting for power weapons, using the boltok, crossing, spotting, doing everything you can to excel in the match. The people I mention, just sit back and lancer or as soon as the match is known to be being loss and they got their GP’s up to 80+, you can see their performance lack way more and barely do anything. Tonight I had a guy called me a cheater (because I play on PC) and I’m really good with the longshot. =/ yet I was the only guy going for power weapons and my team just ran around the map doing nothing or fighitng far away from the ring, lancering and not even contributing to a cap. There’s a lot more I can tell you about this.

  3. Yep, right now it’s kind of bad. I’ve had bad luck because in every single match I’ve had leavers. So it’s going to Gold II then back to Silver III then climbing up again.


Yeah, I honestly got videos/screenshots/text chat logs where asked to end the match and they refuse because they are boosting, of these boosters and Esports players, the big problem with this game is always (90% of the time, let’s be real) pairing people with stacks. I play a lot solo and duos and most of the losses it’s because I face a stack and a lot of people on my team, aren’t willing to try. So it’s why I call them little bobbies. This is a sweaty game, you can lancer and be aggresive, but sitting back and never capping a hill hurts the match.

I guess this whole little bobby’s thing is more of a KOTH issue until gold.

And I’m glad to see someone feels the same way about KOTH. I played a Quickplay KOTH and it felt fun. GP just makes it a chore and more of an assignment to do good rather than play to win and enjoy the match. It’s like trying to be in college (lol they even called the rank ups, graduation). It’s like more of a responsability now, where as you could previously get power weapons, flank and not always be on the big gnasher fights, and you could still get MVP. Now if you’re using the longshot/embar and headshotting the lancers, you get less GP in the end than those in a fight, when you were still esential to the match. There’s a lot going on tbh like you said and something went missing.

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  1. I understand what you’re saying. I’ve had a few worthless teammates in my runs as well. Fortunately, MOST of my matches though I’ve been paired with great players, even when we lose I feel as if we really tried our best. I dunno if it’s the time that I play, or the fact that I got to gold early & haven’t been back to silver since. Also, maybe I’m underestimating how many little Bobby’s there really are? But I can most definitely understand your frustrations based on your account of your current gaming experience.