This quit penalty problem

Ok I get that there’s a quit penalty for leaving the match,but why is it still there taking away my hard earned credits. How do I get rid of this penalty. it’s making me mad

Have you been quitting matches during mid game? If so thats why you got the credit penalty. Ranked is a commitment and your expected to stay the full game.

If not, TC are looking into the penalty applications.

In the mean time, all you can do is just keep playing and finishing ranked matches until the penalty goes away.

And has TC pronounced that it will return the XP and the credits unfairly removed?

It’s the least they should do for this inconvenience.

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Its unlikely they will but they’ll post an update after their investigation has concluded to see what they’re going to do or not.

Why am i getting kicked from a ranked match and getting a penalty when its your fault and server issue Coalition. Please fix…

They’re investigating the issues, just be patient until they post an update on that front.

If you are on PC nvidia drivers, the frustration is understandable. If you are on console and receive this penalty, you quit alot and I’m happy to hear you are being severely punished. If you play ranked, accept the commitment to finish the game everytime. If you don’t, no sympathy. Play social.

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In all honesty I can see why people try play ranked, they may be trying to play their favorite mode back to back while social is all modes in one so its not gurantee that you’ll get to play your favorite mode.

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It happened to me to! I havnt quit! This is madness. ESPECIALLY when i havnt quitted matches. i dont have the nallsw nerve to come here and complain, if i did such crap.
Do we get penalty for quitting legally now??
The only times i quit is when another player quits a game and i quit when,the menu comes up aftter one or two players quit :cry:


I think penalties for quitting should be scaled so that the first quitter on the team gets the hardest penalty. If a second player on that team quits after, they get a smaller penalty. If the remaining 3 players quit then there should be no penalty. I think the fact that 2 players have quit already is enough in terms of mitigated circumstances.

But what I will also suggest to incentivise players staying put after they’re team has someone quit, is bonuses in XP, reduced negative impact on their rank, and in the event they win, a bigger increase to their rank than normal in order to take into consideration they won with fewer than normal players.


That was actually a great idea! :slight_smile:
I Hope they will implement something like that ingame,it makes sense for me.

The first quitter IS already penalised the most compared to any other following quitters though.

Really? I wasn’t aware of this. Do you know what the penalties are for each player by order of quitting?

Well at least you don’t get a 20 hour ban like i do. I’ve just finished mine got into a ranked match it kicked me and now I’m banned again and i get a competitive quit penalty taking all the credits away from me. THIS GAME SUCKS REALLY BAD.

Not really, no… but generally only the first quitter gets the play suspension.

I’m firmly at the opinion, quitting issue is solved in very cowardish manner. Why cowardish? Because all the blame is put on players, no matter if they really quit, being kicked, unable to reconnect, or waiting 5-7mins timeout in uneven matches or playing insane ping spiking lobbies… Players ALWAYS GET PUNISHED. But the real reason are terrible lobbies, CATASTROPHIC lobby coding, arrogance for not fixing it but implementing penalty system then even harsher penalties.

Here’s your example, why I’m losing credits if I left half abandoned team full of AFKers and quitters? Didn’t wait 5 minutes? Wtf, I DON’T WANT to stay in that match not even a second more when it becomes unbalanced. Losing credits for dissolved lobby? Really… then losing credits even if I finish, win, mvp, whatever and actually didn’t quit previously!!?

You TC people are the most incompetent bunch of overrated wannabe esports celebs!!! Talking about competitive multiplayer gaming but unable to deliver decent mp lobbies 2yrs after… Not a joke, a puke.


I completely agree with you. Increasing quit penalties are not the be-all end-all solution, it’s trying to use a band-aid over a gushing wound. They have to fix the causes of people quitting first, such as dissolving lobbies, unfair matchmaking, high pings, lag, sponging… a lot of which seemingly for my fellow American fans are caused by letting Mexican players into the same lobbies as them. I might be European, but that doesn’t mean I can’t press for another Azure server bank in Mexico, not just Brazil. There are issues with me playing people in Spain and Italy, and sometimes France, but the pings are never as ludicrous as those demonstrated across the pond.

I honestly enjoy playing on a team of 2-3. It allows you to hone in on your actual skills, and not just rely on your team to carry you.
Plus, I believe that it’s good sportsmanship, and shows respect for the other team that regardless of the odds, you will complete the game.

…and then they repay you by a Snub smack down lol

I quit once yesterday and I’m 20 matches in and I still get negative credits.

Try quitting again and see if that fixes the issue.