This new rank system is pointless if you are playing solo

I’ve been masters in all the previous operations by playing solo (I was global 68 on op 3). The rank system back then actually took into account if you were doing good or not. Now, playing rank in operation 4 solo is impossible. I’ve been stuck in silver and gold for the entire preseason, always up against ex-masters and having teammates who seem to be barely figuring out the controls. It doesn’t even matter if you max out your elims, caps, and breaks gp, because it will always be lower than the match cost, leaving you in an endless loop of ranking and deranking.

“just find a team” it’s hard when everyone is looking for onyx+ and won’t believe you when you tell them you used to be masters and/or don’t invite you because you are a pc player.

Screw this new rank system.

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