This may be my first nit pick of Gears 5 and its 100% Tour

Im not trying to give the game any hate or say its bad or anything of the sorts.
I actually have been enjoying my time with Gears 5 dispite its flaws. This is more of a small nit pick i had as it was disappointing once i achieved it and it is 100% in the tour.
I finally mastered the Last Stand Escape as my final master which gave me my final medal needed to get 100% in operation 1 and it was slightly disappointing to see there was no reward of some kind for players who went this extra mile to do this. I feel like there should of been a gilded skin or something of the sorts for players who did this to show that they accomplished this. Hec I think a cool looking banner as weird as that sounds would of been something just to give players something to show off that they supported the game long enough to do everything in a operation that it had to offer.

Right on man, that’s a lot of grinding. TC just doesn’t care bro. You can spend some money in the shop, that’s all they care about. They are greedy. Heck I didn’t even get an achievement for completing the campaign probably have to pay for that!!

It was supposed to be team ice before they decided that reup 20 is what would be worth it.

Dang man. Kudos to you. That’s some commitment right there. Honestly once I hit General I didn’t really care to finish the rest of the medals, and outside of being a completionist, I dont think you are really meant to. I finished around 70-75%.

But I do agree overall that it has a grindy feel, which overall isn’t bad, they want it to last the duration of a season, but at the same time they can definitely improve some of these medals and also the challenges for the character unlocks to make them more engaging. I believe they said this will be a major focus in Operation 2, so I’m excited to see what’s in store.

If the rankin rewards were good or even remotely decent. I dont thunk adding another grindable option is a great choice… im solo n will prob never finish master escape, cause im not gunna grind for those mac cards to solo those things. Or spend my time hopin to find maybe a decent team.

U got rewards (numerous from the ranks, and completing each page of the medals)
U dont need anything else. Geez. (They just need actually decent rewards in the ToD.)