This Literallly Solves Every Gears of War Issue Once & For All. No Click Bait!

“will you help me construct a complete quit penalty solution” This topic is lengthy and can be discussed in different parts: in the following topic; I solve problems doing just that.

Trolls blocking teammates with their body: solution. like you were able to give teammates ammo/weapons in gears 3; at that same distance; you are now allowed to walk sideways; having your character adjust his size; through animations of character,(possibly a characters arm reaches around to stabilize himself; using your shoulder to get by, w/out, moving you) becoming skinnier/walking around that person who is at the same distance it took to give teammates, in gears 3 ammo, which in return by close proximity and a press of a button,(both these) allows you to stay like that. maybe you simply comply, with teammates; being allowed to walk through each other, given this chance; with of coarse, the ability to use your thumbstick to guide you while attached, in a sense to teammate; until he moves further away. the one your trying to get around wont be moved any bit at all; to not disturb his aim. and you can only do this if the player is not on a wall and remained still, and close, enough so the button option shows, when aiming at member. Notice with this implementation, aiming, at team members; now allows a complete number of button ‘pop up’ possibilities? Trade weapon, give ammo, maneuver; when, adding, the 2 only in gears 3, now.

Quit Penalty solution: using the number patterns of “vortex mathematics”, and numbers hidden meanings; we construct a 2 key structure that evolves around/thus changes depending on 2 situations; “how many people opt out to get perks/blessings in return?” provided with a key for a number of opt players, needed, for a certain type of perk/blessing, and who and how many.(that’s 1 ‘key’) the other starts when people aren’t in the game(at least a certain number; which changes the key the game follows {vortex math/numbers, would say 1 needed only, so it’s 1 who leaves), not just ‘opt’ out. when this key is in effect instead; it allows what your team can get as a perk/blessing; using a similar key before; but now by meeting or exceeding the number of players available on the opposite team. this combats trolls and noobs, effecting others. Making 2 keys, but 1 in effect at a time.

This is one key, I’m only gonna mention; which in return will be similar/identical to the other; except for the minor tweaks.
1 person opt out = 2 people, can choose from perk list, now unlocked.
2 ppl opt out = all ppl on the team can choose 1 perk/blessing from list.
3 or more = all perk choices are activated at the same time for each 1 member. 9 separated into 3 categories; where 1 , set of 9, only gets unlocked by 3x’s in a row wins, on the scoreboard. the layout will be 2 sets of the 9, distinct by a 3 difference classification, of at least 1 of the 3 present, in the perk, which is in the criteria; that separates the other 2 sets of 9; and is spread horizontally in the middle layer of all the sets. each 3 sets of the 9 sets of 3, perks spread vertically are the ones closely related sharing a 3 identical criteria{we will discuss, 3 more perks in the same list; but wasn’t mentioned directly or indirectly; because of them not actually, being… later; but for now remember; vertical perks, are absolutely identical, except for the middle horizontal row, which has at least 1 of the 3 criteria’s needed to put it in a class of its own; and obtained through wins. }

not listing the criteria, for the 18, all identical perks. the 3 things in the criteria, for perks, obtained by 3x wins; are: availability (not just at respawn period, for example, being popped out of the ground-swarm, and falling from sky-COG’s: 1 perk you have to do before respawn, to respawn, w/no respawn protection; 1, you can when your ‘in play’ too; you cant highlight, and do this on someone, like buildings in star craft; and it doesn’t harm/stunt them, because it’ll be not plausible. thus you can die if you don’t do it before death’ in play’. ) another critique, is always staying activated once choose, for example; like turrets only placed at respawn; which will still be there, as long as its been selected already; at pre spawn decision, and not present in games ‘playing field’. another would be a “power weapon”; for what ever classifies that already.

the number 2 is needed to start a language/sequence, reference; 2 is needed to form a differentiation, but 1 more is needed, to identify the 2; thus 3, is the whole sequence ‘story’/origin; 3 represents completeness, and identity, etc. thus 2 are completely same, while 1 has a different characteristic; but not 2 or more; putting it/‘pinning it’ in the same ‘boat’, as the 2. when you have a differentiation; you have a sequence/reference, to go by. 5 is not a complete number; because of even though, you can get it by joining a 3[a complete number] or a 2[always, but not all possible reduced possibilities; like the 3 is] you have a 50% chance, their ‘baby’, with be complete too, or not at all; seeing how, one parent isn’t complete, already; so not even does it not have more than 2 sequences affirming completeness; but this one doesn’t either, if you can even count this; but the 6 would be because your counting 3 things; even in this “sequence” the 2 parents[2 identical] and the 1 byproduct.[the baby]
the 2 plus 1 sequence [3]; the reduced possibility of humanity, and all of creation.

Pop Quiz: so what did we solve so far? We got the Troll blocking solution, the quit penalty solution[scrap the current one completely: no video game has ever perfected that way of solving it anyway! name one. all your doing is booting or penalizing, players from playing; and a lot of ones the been cheated by the system; which because isn’t built in game, with a perfected system already; needs maintenance, time, money, and more helpers to hire on ‘The Coalition’s’ end’. LOL, everyone look at that ‘s’? is that even correct grammar points and laugh

Moving on to The ‘Booting’ timer System’; leave that. the only thing, that was bad about that, before, is it didn’t have a system like we will have; leaving players with a ‘leave something behind when booted approach’, when booted, leaving teams in a ‘hole’. that being said the “invisible booting timer”, that forces idle players gone; will only start when; you’re in ‘the battlefield’, anyhow, which will always happen 1 way or another; if you do not select ‘opt out’; within a visible time limit in ‘pre spawn phase’; once your character is summoned; you cant ‘opt out’; but let’s say with this idea; can go to any distinguished spawn area, to go back and select any perks; allowed at ‘post spawn’ time. And there will also be perks available; such as ghost cam; for opt players as well.

a few more issue can arise and ill end it with a statement, ‘for short’:
When needing 1 more win for the match win; you’ll have to win w/out perks activated; If that’s you; you can’t use your perks; but like the second ‘key’ in this similarity; you can influence what perks are activated on the opposing team, by opting out; or of course quitting too.(why purposely though?)
And you can send a invite and have the privilege to wait for who you invite too, before they come in place for you; in return accumulating, ‘thus far’ stats, by separating them w/the current one, or expanding the current one.

The 3 perks unlocked, and unmentioned in the list; but foreshadowed in the ‘beginning makings of a paragraph’ are not associated with a perk/blessing because it is associated with trading a person left w/a actual person in place; thus its just there with the other perks as a signal for the team when unlocked:[you can read anything unlocked] Players see 2 unlocked to say that either someone signaled via invite, and is inviting a substitute, or that MVP,[Currently as far as, we know the game already only chooses 1 MVP as it is] still hasn’t choose his allotted number of people to invite[happens when someone leaves] or that the game is looking for others to look for as subs[the MVP’s invites always override, the games] thus for the most part, the ‘perks’ remains unlocked, unless the pop up for the one choosing’s notification,[he’ll see all 3 unlocked] or the ones not choosing, but are on the same team’s notification is removed first. therefore making a symbolic to “unless you remove the splint in your own eye, may you see…”(paraphrase) Now, What is it you can see? well in this case the 3,(unlocked numbers) symbolic to God-trinity-truth.

In Conclusion, Why is the Title Called " This Literally Solves Every Gears of War Issue Once & For All. No Click Bait!"? Because Gears of War; still has a chance of making This solution, specifically, in gears of war; where I’m Not saying they should, but instead I’m Saying “This Not only solves gears of wars issues; but every video games problems” as I’m not in favor of a Monopoly; where other Games need to look for other solutions to solve existing ones like quit penalty. However I’m not exactly saying I’m in favor of These Solutions not being “exclusively gears of war” either. And I’m No ‘Sheeple’ either… To Be Continued (not Really)

Can I get the cliff notes?

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This is too confusing for me! I need an in game example to understand this jargon.


It was the best of times…it was the worst of times…


Anyone who uses the term “sheeple” loses the debate in my book I’m afraid.

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Well even if this is the best solution ever suggested, it’s written in the worst possible way.


I finished chapter 1 this evening while enjoying a fine merlot in my den and I can conclude that a much simpler solution would be that rolling could be used to travel past teammates that have created a physical obstruction. State of Decay 2 has this mechanic, where lunging gets you unstuck. I’d like to see this implemented as I frequently get blocked by teammates and I can’t find many good reasons why Gears allows you to be physically trapped by teammates.


Has anyone actually been able to make sense of what the OPs solutions are?

Just looks like the ravings of a madman to me.

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I think his solution to quitters is that the team with the quit player would get a perk (damage boost, health boost, whatever) to offset the disadvantage. Consecutive quitters would incur additional perks.

This might help but it may be hard to gauge how much of a perk to give and there may be unforeseen effects. Players may intentionally quit if the perk is too strong. Another instance might be if a stack team of diamonds bring in a decoy bronze 1 account to offset the rank prediction, purposefully quit to gain the perk, and then rank up as the prediction was made with the bronze rank included. Also, players prefer equal footing in a fight and don’t like when the other player has an advantage - complaints about pre-actives in Gears 1-3 come to mind.

I don’t see the trolling teammates thing too often to warrant a solution but the rolling through a teammate idea someone else had seems to be a better solution if one was needed.

Most of the writing I couldn’t understand. Looks like the thought process of someone with Schizophrenia to be honest. It’s a good effort though to come up with some solutions to the game although I don’t think it solves every Gears of war issue let alone the ones addressed in this thread.


Yeah imo. Perks seem like a bad way to go for gears, just look at horde if you need proof, the perk cards are pretty uninspired loads have issues, there’s been so many tweaks and touches since launch to try and rebalance them that I just can’t see it playing out any better in vs.

Plus gears 4 multiplayer has been absolutely ruined for me by players sponging rounds that should have gibbed them. Wouldn’t want to see a 4 man team of lagstars given an additional 20%HP on top of the 200+ ping immortality bonus.

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An apt description of versus hit detection.

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My idea was close proximity and member still enough, to have a pop up button, ‘pop up’ when aiming at them, like in gears 3; I like that rolling pass “troll trapper” idea too. good job; I intentially, left out any, issue; that is easily solved by hiring ‘tech savy’ people to “The Coalition”; any one who knows how technology in video games, works; and Is really smart/good, at it; is the solution for anything eles, not addressed.

Overly complex sentences and phrases being used but I understand what OP is trying to convey.
We can start off with the first paragraph.

Would be interesting to see if you could "ghost though teammates in stead of the fixed positioning system that has always been a part of Gears. The term “body blocking” works for this issue, personally seen and experienced this in all Gears, teammate blocking you in a corner etc, but of course this is a part of the game mechanics and has pros and cons to it and I feel it should be left as is.

The current quit penalty system implemented in Gears is left to be desirable and I believe something in the way this is implemented is also part of the reason we get “kicked” “booted”
A different way to implement this would be better for future games.

Doubt we can find a way to compensate for AFK/lost teammates but you never know.

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Also a description of round 1 koth…and then of round 2…

Often the greatest of minds are mistaken to be insane. This guy may have just saved Gears and brought it out of decline.


Great idea; a copy of this here cliff notes; can be in gears of war too; and it’s called cliff notes; because Cliffy B; wrote them…:joy:

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Well put and thought, but confusing for many.

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Basically… he was intoxicated. The real solution is stop playing.

The end.

Thankyou very much; so very glad, you mentioned AFK players. Now I can go in depth on this subject seperatly, apart, from the lengthy topic, already. Believe it or not, The solution to AFK players, is this: As mentioned, in the topic, about having the already invisible timer, present & with addition to that, having a visible timer in post spawn…? If the visible timer post spawn ends; then if you didn’t pick ‘opt out’ or a perk or just resume by selecting something that makes the pop up notification disappear; then the ‘game’ automatically picks Opt out for you; with the possibility to still pick later to join back in game; but having to still wait for the post spawn timer; once nothing was selected already before post timer 1st ends, and thus starts again once you made a descision. Or maybe the game won’t be effected that much really, by not having another visible timer needed to start again, after the 1st time, descision opportunity, ends…

I agree there needs to be something done about people that block you in just because you got the Grenades or whatever and they wanted them… So they whine like a damn baby and block you in a corner or on the back of the truck in Raven down…