This isn’t blitz

The ring is moving around. IN blitz the ring is not supposed to move…it’s a fundamental part separating the game modes from traditional annex. Wth.

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This Blitz is a different version from that of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, I think I remember @TC_Octus explaining why this is different but I’m not sure since its been a while.

Though, all I can find is this from a past #WhatsUp.

Inspired by the original Blitz in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, this version of Blitz focuses on speed and mastery of the Gears basics

Securing a ring is only half the fight in Blitz. Once captured, rings will offer DOUBLE points – but you’ll need to keep at least one player in the ring to keep the points flowing in. Rings have less points and bleed them whether they are captured or not, so you’ll need to make every play count.

With no area clearing weapons to help you push, you’ll have to wrestle control of the ring from your opponents the old fashioned way

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Okay…sure. It’s different. But it’s not at good because the ring moves around. It isn’t as strategic. Feels the same as annex style king of the hill. There’s so many confusing things about this series an it’s ring based game modes. This isn’t blitz. King of the hill isn’t even king of the hill…it’s annex. Blitz was king of the hill from gears 2…but this def isn’t blitz or king of the hill. This just isn’t very good lol.

Game modes change over time. The point of Blitz in this version is to be hectic and a land grab. This is just a special event. I’m sure if they wanted to they could make it one hill. I find it more enjoyable because as a person who played a lot of KOTH in GOW 2. The problem is once you lock down a hill. The only people having fun are the people in the hill. Gameplay and fun should always come before skill and strategy when playing any mode or game. This version makes it a complete clusterluck because you are constantly running around and trying to hold your position as long as you can still.

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i love this version of Blitz , its very fast paced and i hope they keep it as a permanent play list

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This version isn’t fun to me or anyone I’ve talked to in game and to the above poster who says it’s only fun to the people who are in the hill, I disagree completely. In this mode it feels the same as king of the hill or annex. I don’t feel a strong enough difference and I enjoyed playing tactically trying to eliminate the team from controlling a certain area. But this community on here and the one in game are entirely different it seems. I always seem to be the outcast on here. This game mode in my opinion sucks pretty badly.

Grew to love it in UE, do not care for this version at all. Too many sweaty players for a start.

Isn’t that largely due to the double xp event? so they try as best as they can to maximise kills and caps.

Your entitled to your opinion. If you feel so strongly about Blitz . Gears UE is still a valid option. Here is the rub about people on the forums vs people in game. We complain about different aspects of the game. People ingame will talk about the match they just had and there bias at the moment are still fresh so there opinion might change match per match. People on the forums will talk about it after a few hours of playing. Sit on it, maybe sleep on it and then post about it. I might totally be wrong but every time I have played both with randoms and friends I have had fun playing . One thing that I have noticed is I have enjoyed are the games in this current Blitz that are half of the game we had been completely shut out or had very little caps. Then all of a sudden the ring changes and we are able to flip the game.

sure isnt blitz lml sure is annex tho lol

I find myself playing 10 matches of Blitz without feeling bored and I’m actually having fun with it, so I’m happy with this event

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Blitz is great. no freaking campers in this mode.

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There is a pattern to all rings. I still enjoy blitz, its enjoyable and fast paced

I like the ring moving, but the sweat is for real. People are lancer crossing around the maps. ON BLITZ. lol. You gotta be kidding me. This whole community has become about Ws at all cost and never taking any risks for the sake of fun and exciting gameplay. Which is why so many of my friends just hate playing anymore.

Btw, those blitz lobbies plays much worse to me than old devs playlist…

I love Blitz and i hope they make it permanent. If you want to warm up for other game types, it’s perfect. If u just want to have fun, it is perfect. The fact that the hills rotate so fast makes it more interesting and more even, as opposed to regular KOTH when one team locks down the hill and u can’t really break through.

Agreed xD