This is why you're getting killed even tho the other player missed their shots

This is why the player with low ping (faster connection) is gonna come out on top, and why people are dying behind cover or getting backpacked etc.

In this diagram, let’s assume that both players shoot each other in gib range at exactly the same time, and have exactly the same ping. Both players die at the same time, it’s a fair game.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut that doesn’t happen in gears 5 for everyone, and here’s why. Because of the time it takes for P2’s data to reach the server, by the time it gets to the server, gets processed, and gets back to P2, P1’s data has already been processed and sent out to all the players in game by the server before P2’s shot has been received by the server. Thus, P2’s shot has been discounted by the server, P1 lives as P2 is already dead and could not have fired a shot, according to the servers logic.

Alternatively, instead, P2 could have moved behind cover instead of firing, but yet again, P1’s shot would have been processed and sent out before data from P2 moving fully behind cover reaches the server before the update, thus, the server still perceives P2 as being within line of site and not having moved at all.

To be honest, I would expect modern shooter servers to have more advanced algorithms than this, because this is just basic crap. But this model seems to best describe the results we are seeing in game. Perhaps they could just make matchmaking more strict by not lumping people with large ping differentials in the same match together, or just lower the damn server tick rate (or both). There’s no point in having a server if the update rate is so stupidly high that the server no longer compensates for lag. Might as well be P2P connection.


I have a theory as to why some people are not experiencing this and seem to think the shotgun and everything else is super consistent.
I believe that people with high ping or ping that fluctuates/is unstable are being identified by the servers and lumped into the same matchmaking pools together, whereas people with good connection are put in their own matchmaking pool as their pings are more consistent and easier to predict and so can be reliably matched together.

Essentially, once you’re connection is below a certain threshold, you’re chucked into the peasant class internet matchmaking pool. Everyone else gets to go to matchmaking heaven.


The game (like Gears 4) is a bit of a gamble for who-shot first scenarios. As logically the person with the lower ping should win by default, but TC also implemented a massive lag comp window which honestly feels like it penalizes players with good ping sometimes.

This might rub people the wrong way, hence all the sponge and hit detection threads. From personal experience 8/10 games play fairly consistently, but when those bad matches happen boy it does get frustrating.

Whatever they have changed in gears 5 vs gears 4 on server side is working pretty good for me. Have gigabit with 12ms ping to closest server. Waaaaayyyy more consistent than gears4. The high pings in g4 was a nightmare for me. In g4, higher pings, to a certain extent, had the advantage. G5 feels opposite. I feel like my lower ping is actually useful. I barely even notice when the 100+ ping players are in the lobby anymore. Please don’t change it. It’s the way it should be. I don’t pay for gigabit to be nerfed and penalized due to someone’s 3g cell phone connection.


For me, most matches are super inconsistent and I rarely see matches where everyone has below 40 ping (i’ll update this post with screenshots later on). It’s mostly everyone has anything between 30 and 120 ping, with a modal number of about 90 ping. But honestly, there’s so much ping variation. Often I see that one team usually has much less ping variance than the other for some odd reason too. Not sure how to factor that in, but this is why I think people like my self have fallen into this theoretical ‘peasant class’ matchmaking pool. Especially given the fact that sooooooo many people are complaining about these issues now.

On gears 4, the same sorta stuff happened to me, but on gears 5 it’s waaaaaaaaaaaay worse. On top of that, gears 4, most matches people had between 20 and 30ms ping (yet this kind of thing would still happen to be somehow). I felt like I was the only one getting dumped on by the game and just accepted it as a hazard of having bad internet connection.

But now that there’s so many more people in gears 5 suddenly having the same problem, and a bunch of people who have the literal opposite experience, I think my theory is pretty accurate. People like myself can’t be allowed to contaminate the pool of sweet sweet high speed internet players and ruin the experience for everyone else. We’ve been put in our own murky puddle of bad internet connection players and suffer the worse online MP experience there’s ever been in gears.

Like I said I might just be super lucky. I regularly play with higher ping opponents/teammates (~80-120), but the servers have been fairly consistent in rolling out the appropriate winner in most gnasher fights. Do you play over wifi or wired?

This can also be a factor, by the end of Gears 4 lifecycle only really the dedicated players were still on and a majority had decent-good ping in my opinion. Obviously still with more than a handful of bad high fluctuating ping players too, but since Gears 5 is new it’s definitely got a lot more wifi warriors.

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Yea i’m on wifi. Router is just too far, running the cable up the stairs aint happening. Either than or bring xbox to the main tv downstairs, but then i’d never get to use it anyway.

I’m assuming you cant move the router and drill any holes so the cable runs under the stairs instead. Only other thing I could suggest is buying a separate router for you xbox, but thats just unnecessary expenses

Still doesn’t change the fact that this is still happening widespread tho. I’ll check with some people I know who have these issues and see if they have wifi or cable. But i’m pretty sure they’re running cable.

This post completely omits what causes high ping players to have an advantage in gears, whilst in other games, it’s a huge disadvantage… Lag comp.

Every gave has some form of lag comp, but TCs implementation is far too favourable to high ping players.

Most high ping high fluctuation players that both I and my friends have met are literal sponges.

Why? That country south of the USA.

Then why is it that the dude with 180 ping is always stomping the lobby, meanwhile he shows no actual tactics?

He literally just walks around, does a cover slide once in a while etc.

But runs right through our team in every 1v1 situation.

Watch your leaderboards in game for the enemy team.

High ping is always at or near the top

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It’s the literal opposite to me. Always the low ping guys that stomp me and they don’t even know what they’re doing. Some of them properly need a nuclear warhead dropped on them to be killed.

I can see how lag comp would make players tank hits (i’ll draw up another diagram later), but this is not what I’ve been experiencing. It is possible that both models explain both are occurring for different players. But lag comp definitely doesn’t explain why i’m not a walking tank, but it could explain why my hits aren’t working a lot of the time (that would imply most players I go against are high ping flux). This would be evident to my theory about there being a peasant internet pool for matchmaking. But it’s difficult to spot high ping flux players as the ones that are doing it, since their ping fluctuates. Nonetheless, it doesn’t explain both.

EDIT: Here’s the lag comp model.

Its called lag switching there’s A TON of lag switch hackers in gears 5 especially with PC crossplay that’s LITERALLY CANCER turn off cross play ASAP

Uhm…lag switching only works on P2P connections, dedicated servers (which Gears 5 has) literally prevents any of the benefits that can come from lag switching. Also you don’t have to be a PC player to lag switch, people would do it in Gears 1 and 2 which are on console and P2P servers…

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Only in your dreams pal its almost 2020 and Quantum computers are being made in the backgrpund of pur life while meaningless trash grasp pur attention This is a very technologically advanced world lag switching is very real and coalition DOES NOT habe dedicated servers what they have is the easy way out a cheap ■■■ online highway dedicated servers my ■■■ gears of war functions on basement walkie talkie level server’s


A more stable option could be a powerline adapter.

Plug one in near your router with ethernet cable jacked into it.

Plug the other near your system with ethernet cable coming out of it.

Super easy, not too expensive, no cable running, more stable connection.


^ This guy (or gal) networks, listen to them.

Never seen these before (admittedly never needed to look for them), pretty nifty.

Interesting model, it explains the case well though. You pretty much got most of it right as this 100% happens. I don’t know why it didn’t happen much in Gears 4… but I guess that’s why we’re here.

Needs to get fixed

If only it were feasible XD the only plugs near the router are already occupied. And the next nearest ones would be in my room and ultimately defeat the point of the device all together at that stage. I’ll move out once I get a nice job soon enough fingers crossed and hopefully this shouldn’t be an issue for me anymore. We shall see.

I’ve experienced it, but inconsistent shotgun has been a big part of every Gears game imo. Gears 4 and 5 have felt more consistent to me. The bigger problem I notice is seeing people miss shots in killcam but still gibbing me. Not sure if that’s aim assist or what. I mostly play core game modes.

I’m a huge tech guy, and when I learned of these things, I thought they were black-magic. Just seems so odd that the wiring already in your walls can carry an Ethernet signal, but yup, they are no joke. I game on a set of these now myself and they work great. I always tell my friends about this option when they talk about getting a wireless gaming router.

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