This is why you are having a hard time with TU2

Guys, please tell me what I did wrong. So I can avoid this next time.


You got into their gib range. I always suggest backing up in those situations.

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You did see the player literally warp backwards after he was in my gib range right? I mean I appreciate if you are sincerely trying to help me. But this post was made out of irony.

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Basically what I’m trying to say is that you can’t trust The gnasher. Further away you are from them less likely to be gibbed.

Well did you watch you video frame by frame? I did 1 single time, your opponent rubber banded back. Has been happening in gears forever. That’s online multiplayer for you.
Sometimes you make the right play and still die. It is what it is.

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Actually the reason you are having a hard time in this game is because it is a joke. Playing like a scrub is rewarded and playing like a gears player by using your gnasher and trying to win by skill basically rewards you with a loss every time.

Power weapons are barely worth the risk associated with grabbing them.

Breaker Mace. I don’t really need to say anything else about the worst idea for a weapon the franchise has ever seen. Power Melee with a half map reach.


The gnasher in this game is the worst the franchise has ever seen. Shoot scrub terminator five time yet he bodies you in one shot from Narnia.

But his hit box is the same. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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I think man that the servers decided that it was your time to be blown to pieces in that round.

Haha. What you just said was more or less what I wanted to say in the first post. But I was too lazy… The hit detection honestly has gotten worse since the last update… Priori to that, my biggest complaints were the same as most. Overpowered Lancer and being downed with the gnasher in 2 shots way outside of a fair range… But now the lag has seriously spiked.

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They designed a broken system , the gnasher only has 6 shots so now instead of gnasher dancing people just run for the one shot. The gib range is so much larger so this is the style of play they designed


Yes. Thanks bro. That’s what I was getting at. I’ve been playing since gears one. So I’ve seen it all. Just like I’m sure most of you have… But the last update seems to have broken other things. More lag than usual, hit detection worse.