This is why the VS game changed so much, recently

You wanna know why? I will tell you…

(IMO, i dont have any insider knowledge)

Yes, people HERE liked the game… It was the best received setup since launch… HERE,… among the ‘dedicated fans’ population.

The game, while we were enjoying it, plummeted in global player lists, dropped out of top 50 or was close to dropping out of top 50 in numerous countries… Outside of Latin America it was on ICU life support…

Clearly they got their confirmation: keeping the fans happy does NOT make the game popular with the gray masses , and it is those gray masses TC wants to attract…

So, they decided, the heck with trying to keep long time fans happy, we need new players, so lets go back to trying to please THEM.

And now Gears 5 is enjoying a rebound in the top 50 standings across the world…

So, i suspect, that this is the firm new direction.

They did it at launch, got flamed for it, spent few months trying to placate “us”, saw the negative impact that had on overall player numbers, switched the game back to the noob centric settings, saw a raise in player numbers, duhh… What do you think those mean, to TC, eh?

I played some GoW4 versus last night. Was a lot of fun.

The gray masses can have G5. I still have a Gears game i enjoy…


They really do have to perform a crazy juggling act now. They have to balance between making the fun for the most loyal players, and making the game inviting to new players. The real challenge arises from the fact that not even veteran players know what to expect each time they log on now, and that is an issue that will kill the games popularity very quickly.

Overall, the recent tweaks to the playlist I feel are in the best interest of bringing new players in, but they need to have a game that feels worth staying with.


With the freeplay time coming up, I suspect you are right.
It’s either that or nineteenth_hour is right with his SaaS seasons theory.

What I currently don’t get is why they can’t just heavily push arcade (their new mode for new players) on the ‘masses’ and leave the traditional games to the more traditional players?
TC should go nuts with arcade add some gametype choice, make a ranked version for all I care.
Just if they want to mess with the core game and refocus it to be rifle centric with all sorts of easy kill mechanics and weapons, they already have this done and should focus their new players attention there.

I know people don’t want split tunings again, but we currently have three (arcade, ranked aim assist on and ranked AA off), They may as well take advantage of it.

I wouldnt be suprised if they revert it back then make it free to play again and revert it to what it is now again

I dont think this is true. The games been dropping in players since the first few weeks and it has to do with more than VS tuning.

Bugs, glitches, constant changes (something they did in 4 as well), lack of content and other things are the reason this game has a low player base.

Instead of constantly changing tuning they need to focus on releasing an update that doesnt break the game. They need to have an advanced tutorial for new players (something along the lines of MK/Injustice level of advanced moves), and most importantly they need to figure out hit registration (something thats always plagued this franchise)

After every operation comes out the player numbers go up for a week or two with people coming back to see what state the game is in now


No advanced tutorial these aren’t combos there what player do to take advangtage of the game they aren’t built into the game to be like that.

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Up A’s, Back A’s, wall bouncing, wall cancel, ect are a part of the game and should be taught to new players that want to play VS instead of dumbing down the game. Theres plenty of games that take no skill, We dont need Gears to drop to that


A game that does not encourage skills - does not have a long-term perspective.

Prostitution in relation to the players - badly affects the reputation - you can not sit on two chairs.

I am glad that the TS found the strength in itself for decisive action (true). I just want a little clarity. And then everyone will decide whether he needs such a game or not. Only patience, it is not infinite.

It is unfortunate that someone made a bet on this game, and a lot of money was spent to make it popular. And I do not think that they have met the expectations of investors.

I would really like this game to remain just a small project that could well exist on fan love.

There were a lot of those for earlier game titles on youtube… Tc doesnt need to do that… They just need to provide a fun, skillful GEARS game. Good playets or streamers will do the rest.

And a game with maps which always tell us staying back in elevated positions and shooting rifles at distant enemies running across wide open areas is the winning strategy is not a Gears game.

Thats a BS reason.

Not everyone wants to use youtube or watch someone else play to learn how to play a game and they shouldnt have to. The game should teach people how to play I shouldnt have to search a different platform to learn a game.


I doubt it. Think about it.
It clearly rose because of the new content and the c virus forcing alot of people to stay home.
There is no way more people are playing because of the change. The changes imo would make new players even worse.
The game was plummeting because there were/are a lack of maps.
There is no way they are keeping the game at its current state. If it is. Ok. Cool. Time for me to move on and they made it oh sooo much easier.
Everytime i get a urge to play. I get on and the game makes me get right back off oh so easily.


No learn by ur self that’s just my opinion though.

If you are good at this game and have been playing for awhile something like this has no impact on you and can only benefit the player base,

What would you do to get new player to stay?

I don’t see any other option to gain new players into the fold besides the emotes than having an actual tutorial on the game’s tech ala Mortal Kombat 11 style.

Fighting games have started to actually lend a hand in getting people to be more competitive while not compromising their gameplay and skill ceiling (except Street Fighter V).

It would be in TC’s best interest to actually teach tech to noobs so that they have a footing in VS and appreciate it, keep a potential recurring customer, and maybe even get another viewer for Gears Esports.
It would be in OUR best interests to have more players to challenge and play against. We want the series to grow still, do we not?

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Apparently some people want to see this franchise die

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I do think you’re looking into it a bit too much, but overall speaking, yes your point stands.

TC has to decide whether or not they wanna focus on the OG fans, or the next generation, in order to expand this franchise and keep it alive.

I think from a business perspective we know what the clear answer is. The entire game is modeled after current gen gaming and is clearly designed to bring in new players. But with that being said I really do think TC is trying their best to please both parties. You will just never please everyone. It’s just the way it is. It’s better for TC and honestly in the fans best interest as well that they pick one direction and deliver on it. They need to stop the juggling act and just have a clear vision, even if they lose some fans along the way.

I’d rather have a Gears game that is changed a bit from the older ones, then no Gears at all.


Some people = The Coalition

That’s how it feels a lot of the time anyway.

I dont think they want to see it die.

It seems like they’re trying to please too everyone and thats just impossible

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No, I don’t really think they want to see it die, but you’re right, they’re trying to cater to too many separate audiences and are heading towards losing many of them.

I look forward to the future tho, and hope that new studio hires and leadership will lead to bigger and better things.


This is what Im hoping as well

Rod was just a face for the transition from Epic to TC at least thats how I saw it

Ryan seemed like a nice guy and tried to be active with the community(which I did appreciate) but some of his decisions didnt benefit this franchise and lead us to where we are now

Hopefully the next studio head and MP lead can breath some life back into the franchise