This is why stacking should be allowed


It’s allowed as a pair not as a stack, when people say a stack they mean out of 5 generally 4 or 5.

Im hoping this will be relaxed as I met in gears 5 some pretty good players and enjoy playing with them as a team. Limiting how many of them I can play with at a time isn’t what gears is about.

Gears in my opinion isn’t a solo game, it’s for people too jump on and meet people, make friends, kick back and blow some people away with the gnasher.


It’s these kind of Solo players complaining that give the rest of us a bad name.

I’ve been mostly playing Solo, or with one partner, for years. Stacks or not has always been irrelevant in TDM. Just because a team can communicate does not make them invincible.


Telling y’all. They have a target audience and stuck with it. Too bad that target audience doesn’t include me. They Dont Care About Us. Exy Rip

I’ve beat you before and I have no friends. 5 stacks ain’t hard, my randoms are just braindead.

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I know right. There are 2 imprtant things of note that people need to understand.

  1. People just want to play WITH their friends.
  2. Ranked has never and will never properly seperate people based on skill.

I’m sorry but sometimes people just suck and no amount of complaining is going to fix what match making has never been able to do since the dawn of online gaming. It’s only real purpose is to guarantee full 5v5 lobbies unlike casual that’s always uneven drop in drop out nonsense. I have faced stacks of clans many times of 3 sometimes 4 stacks the ESS clan the TDK, NGK clan and often they suck. There is no problem with stacking you just need to get better. If this is your first gears game you need to understand most fans have been playing this game non stop for 15 years, no amount of match making tweaks is going to stop them from wiping the floor with you.

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Isnt that the point? To get a squad together and play. Why take stacking away on Ranked? Maybe on quick match. They are really dropping the ball again, SMH

This makes too much sense for them . Can’t believe their thought process for the life of me

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Team based game, not group of randos. Play KOTH then. That is why people create a party and get a squad together. They dont do that to play with 1 other and have a party of 2, SMH

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Part of the game

I feel your frustration Wacho but all we can do is put our opinion here and hopefully someone will forward them thoughts too the TC and they will lift the 2 stack