This is why stacking should be allowed

You can all hate on it as you would rather solo search and run around on a gnasher flex making streams hoping to go pro but back in reality …

We was dominating 1-0 then boom 2 players left. Yes I know this is KoTH.
It’s more of rant at TDM being 2 only.
So essentially you have more of a chance if you casual lot turning up, getting bored and going off in a ranked game.

If your stacked with your friends you have a less of a chance of them going yeah mate cya and bowling offline.

Enough said.

Let the hate begin.


Its me lol. I agree, cant for the life of me understand why you can’t stack in TDM now. Everyone cried for an icon to show who’s in a stack which has now led to further crying cause they’re playing solo in a TEAM BASED mode against stacks. Remove the icon dont let people know who is/isn’t stacked, way better.


Already said this on another thread but people who hate on stacks are just looking for excuses. Only advantage stacks have is that chances are they are in communication with each other. I’ve always got a mic and regardless of others in my lobby to call out flanks or enemies. Being in a stack doesn’t grant you these super powers of winning LoL.


Yeah I agree but they are yet too post images proving it.

I recently whilst unable too post read a forum reply by a mod+ saying post an image so we can do something about it and that is what I have done.

I’m trying too be constructive but I’m also British so bear with me.


this is one of the strangest things to happen in gears in a while. did solo players not realize they’ve been playing stacks for years or is this some kind of revelation to them?

the amount of complaints we’ve seen since the update makes me think they didn’t


I 100% agree limiting the stack in TDM is stupid. It’s a team based game, and if you have a full squad, you should be able to play as you please. Instead of limiting TDM to parties of two, TC JUST ADD WINGMAN ALREADY!!! But no, they add FFA instead which is too casual for ranked and contradicts the game because GEARS IS A TEAM BASED GAME!!! Dont get me wrong FFA is cool, but it shouldn’t be ranked.

Ranked playlist should be:
TDM(4v4 is fine it has Gears UE vibes)
Execution (or make Gridiron have execution rules, warzone rules is too easy & rewards players who stay back with retros, lancers, and other support weapons)
Escalation (even if alot of people don’t like it, there’s definitely a high skill level when it comes to play style)
Wingman (a playlist for 2 man squads)


TC specializes is doing the quick, easy, mindless “fix” to apease some loud part of the population. This is just another example of that…


Facts they focus too much on the "casual " player

Is “Not acceptable” you allow play STACKS vs SOLO players…

When you play on a stack your WIN-RATIO is a lot better when i play with friends we can go 8-1 or 9-1. Even more on this ranking system

Do not be “HYPOCRITE” claiming playing on stacks do not give you advantajes…

This is exactly what happen on a game if you play on a stack

  • Hey guys 3 go for the boomer and 2 go fo the grenades/sniper

  • 2 Cover with LANCER the dude going for the boomer

  • 1 Cover with LANCER the dude going for the Sniper/Grenades

  • If is KoTh THE 5 PLAYERS DEFEND the point with LANCER spreading around of the point making IMPOSSIBLE you get even close

  • on TDM they camp on a certain location all the round waiting you with LANCER. No you can’t flank 5 players protecting a location with lancers

  • On guardian 4 players do a STRONG push with coordination even sometimes with the LEADER included.

So unless you are ON BRONZE and you are playing on a full stack of “MANCOS” you will not obtain any advantaje

Though I agree with the most part of what you guys are saying I also think there trying to cater too as many as possible.

The problem with that in my opinion is in ranked objective type games they are a more elitist playlist compared too social, there is nothing more frustrating in having a good competitive game regardless if you are winning or losing and people dropping out because they only wanted too play for 5 minutes.

I whole heartily agree that stacks should be in TDM and it’s part of the core mechanisms of gears that make it great, meeting new people and playing with them regularly like 5 a side football team, though I must admit I gained more weight since ditching that and playing with mates sinking some beers

What gamemode isn’t team based? (Besides FFA)

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While I agree that a lot of KOTH matches play out that way. You’re complaining about an advantage that you could have as well if you played with friends or use LFG. Can’t really sympathize with people who solo queue. Gears is a team based game and whether you win/lose is dependent on how you and your teammates perform during the match. You have the tools at your disposal so you don’t have to solo queue and you’re just willingly choosing not to use them. If you prefer to solo queue that’s fine but then you run the risk of getting stacks. When it comes to stacks vs solos, the community is very strange to me. It’s as if they want to play social where people don’t try as hard but they also want those laidback matches to count for their rank.


Honestly if there’s a viable solution that benefits both sides I’m not seeing it. I think TC’s only hope is to go back to Gears 3 ranked for the next Gears so that placements and ranks don’t mean anything and there’s no pressure to win outside of simple satisfaction and a sticker next to your name

I have two accounts

1.- One for play with friends on that account all us are “Diamond +”. For me that account do not exist and that is not my true Rank

2.- My main account im ONYX-ONE. That is my true level and that is the one i count

When i play with them we go easily 8-2 or 9-1 straigh winning.

  • Everyone is on voice chat
  • We have massive coordination on every mode not just KoTH
  • We do call outs

I can’t remember the last time we lose vs a “Solo players” even if they are on MASTER-RANK they lose vs a stack of 5 diamonds…

Which is precisely my point. It’s ranked, your encouraged/expected to be searching in stacks. It’s the mode where you’re supposed to give it your all. I don’t agree that they should match you against solos if you’re searching by yourself.

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Lmao if you didnt give up playin weeks before they changed it to 1 pt you genuinely enjoy gettin kicked in the dk

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I suggested they make 2 playlist 1 for Solo players and the other for stacks only. Then no one would complain

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Having a full squad is like having superpowers against an uncoordinated team.


Tdm be easier to control if people quit.

Especially if the dunce is getting slaughtered.

I usually do better out numbered in a life mode. But I see your point.

I’ve played solo tdm & hardly lose. Had an 8 hour win streak one day. Rarely happens that long. But only in tdm I can do that or warzone.

it is allowed, Next.

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