This is why every one stops playing this game and feels cheated,

When gears 3 was on dedicated servers for a short time i never once seen these issues, sure i get its laggy cause less and less people are playing so i have to connect to some random cloud server over 2k miles away, i get that but just think about it for a min, if we were all on a real dedicated server no one would feel cheated in the 1st place and theyd be inspired to keep playing and isnt that the point? To keep gammers playing? So big brother Microsoft and EA can keep making money? Well guess what if you wanna keep making money at something you have to invest in your product, i will keep playing cause i love this game so much, and i wanna play with my friends but alas they all feel cheated so they refuse to play, and im baffled why its taking so long for some one under microsoft umbrella to get it, i mean come on halo 3 was on xbox 360 with a player host and not once did issues like this arise,

Err, I need to have a Facebook account to see them.

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