This is what top 100 gears play in the world looks like


Fair maiden, pray thee lend thy ear
Whilst I speak of a love most dear
A game, a mode, with which my heart’s smitten
'Tis the Gears 5 gametype known as Guardian, quite unbidden

My heart doth race with each victory won
And with each defeat, my soul is undone
But still I return, to that hallowed field
Where Guardian’s glory is forever sealed

The thrill of the hunt, the chase, the kill
My heart doth skip with each moment still
As I guard my leader with sword and shield
To victory, with all my might, we shall wield

Oh, Guardian, thou art my heart’s delight
In thee, my love doth burn bright
For in thy gameplay, my soul doth find
A joy that shall never leave me behind


Now even ChatGPT is professing romantic, hallucinated love for the return of the Boomshield? I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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Man, I dont think I’ve played Guardian except to get the medal toward seriously back when the game launched. Absolute least favorite mode.

Loved Capture the Leader in Gears 3 though.

I hope they bring that back instead.

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Hopefully the upgraded model can write a compelling essay on why we need the boomshield back.

Brings a tear to my morning guardian eyes

I never did clarify…

I hate Guardian. Always have.

Capture the Leader was far superior.

My hatred for that awful game mode was only deepened by a completely gold Marcus/Speaker. What a disgustingly unforgivable eyesore.

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I agree with the golden eyesore but your hatred of Guardian is heresy

Nobody who isn’t mentally unstable could possible enjoy those Golden fiends.

Oh and I’ll decide on what are the grounds for heresy here, boy.

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Hatred of Guardian is nothing but pure heresy. It is a top tier game mode. Although CTL would be a welcome returning mode.

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That’s better, yes.

Why do you harbor so much hatred for Guardian Kaz?

Bad experiences. The fact it forces the team to be reliant on an individual surviving can be infuriating as said individual usually wants to be a hero and get the ribbon for killing the other Leader. Yes you don’t need the Leader to survive if your assault is successful enough, but you know what I mean.

Yes, I am talking even with squads back on Gears of War 2. Although at least that gave me the opportunity to kindly lecture any compadres who wanted to play Rambo.

I didn’t mind Assassination though, especially on Rooftops. Good times with the Hammer.

I tend to always play with a squad on Guardian. Because like you said, playing with randoms is almost a guaranteed loss because they’ll be running around as leader getting killed.

I feel the “hero” mentality was an issue in Gears of War 3 because of the Ivory skin. You had to get 5 kills as a leader in a single round of Guardian to unlock the skin. So it was actively incentivizing the leader to play recklessly.

This, i remember playing gears 3 guardian with a full squad and theres always that one (same) person in the squad who isnt the brightest of players but manges to become leader somehow.

Id always advise this person that they need to move as spawns are away to swap. Within seconds of the spawn swap we would get the “your leader is dead” pop up on screen.:clown_face:

It was actually 10 kills as leader in a single round, since the skin was tied to the I’ve Got This! achievement. Getting that achievement sticks in my mind because I joined a Guardian match on Jacinto just after the Forces of Nature pack came out and thought it was odd to get a party invite from someone on the opposing team. Curious, I joined the party and found I had stumbled into a group boosting the achievement. Wasn’t passing on that opportunity.

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I knew it was an achievement. Just had the number of kills wrong

Guardian is honestly just so goofy — there’s a reason why most games don’t have a ‘Protect the VIP’ mode, and in the few that do (Like GoW) it’s never the most popular mode.

The only redeeming factor when it comes to guardian for me is that it’s so stupid, it plays so poorly and it’s almost so irredeemably bad that it’s impossible for me to take it seriously, and by virtue of that I can have fun in it.

Not to mention the tier of player you play against in Guardian is vastly lower than Control (just like TDM, but TDM is way more punishing) — you have the goofiest gamemode, a vastly lower tier of player playing it and it’s the most forgiving team gamemode by far.

Shadowz is #1 in Guardian because that’s what he plays on stream, and he plays it on stream due to the all factors mentioned before, it’s the most chilled-out gamemode you can play. You can pay 40% attention to your chat, spam A around the map without looking and go 15-1 every game.


I don’t disagree, but I had many a Lead By Example ribbon. With the ability to see the enemies at all time, it wasn’t too difficult. It’s a shame there were plenty of others in my team who either forgot they were Leader or simply refused to play tactically and use this ability to their advantage.

I’m definitely getting in the mood to play Gears of War 3 the more I talk about it on these forums.

What took you so damn long?! Jesus.

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Submission in GoW2 to this day still holds the best MP match I ever played with friends

I’d gladly sell guardian down the river to get that mode back as a special event

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