This is what top 100 gears play in the world looks like

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I genuinely cant tell if this is a troll post. This is the same quality of clips i see on the subreddit.

Those three with top advantage were diamond level players… I bodied all of them. Then took out the scrubs trying to take the ring.

You missed nearly all of your shots on people that were even slightly moving.


this is the kind of people telekinetix gets put on swords by prior to making his daily thread



Are there only 150-200 people left playing Versus? Or was a percent sign left out of the thread title?

This is precisely what I was thinking.

His shots are all over the place and the movement is so bland. Luck plays a major role the entire way through the clip. I figured this has to be a joke about how being Top 100 is meaningless in regards to your actual skill level, more just a show of how much time you have. Good one! Funny start to my morning.

…Turns out he’s proud of this display, even using “bodied” and “scrubs”. How very disappointing, but he’s in the right place posting it here for our amusement.

I only feel pity for him.


Someone help me please, my Brain hurts from watching his “movement” and “accuracy” :face_with_head_bandage:

damn yall went full toxic mode. He has Master skins so that means something, right?

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No. Call outs aren’t allowed on this forum, but there are a few infamous complainers with subpar abilities in Gears that have somehow obtained Master skins. FFA perhaps, yes, as the wonderful me did back when Versus was good in Operation 5. But any other mode you could easily get there eventually with persistence and time with being dependent on team mates.

Oh and that’s barely toxic. Let’s just call it a reality check. Just look at the title of the video for Christ sake. It was begging for these responses.

I might be wrong (as I haven’t touched PVP for a couple of years) but didn’t they change the ranking system so that ita all about accumulating points now? So basically you could grind PVP ranked and get masters irrespective of skill as long as your total points was top 100 (or whatever the threshold is)?

It depends how you look at it. But the short answer is yes, its a matter of who plays more over who is better. There are SOME very good players very low on the ranking systems with racks of points but there are also others who just happen to have more time on their hands than most people and can farm/grind versus all day and night to keep their placement.

Winning is definitely better for gaining points/placing better but losing consistently and playing 24/7 can also get you top 100.

tl;dr its a joke. no one should take it serious in this current state of the game.

edit - also there is no more tiers such as master. that was removed from the game and replaced with leaderboard placement. and the only leaderboard placement that matters is top 100 if you care about that I guess

As long as you have enough free time on your hands, skill doesn’t matter. It’s all accumulation of points. I haven’t played Gears in a hot minute but last year I played a decent amount of ranked Guardian with @Buster_McTunder and the top guy in the world for Guardian had a 0.73 KD.


This basically. You can fail your way to the Top 100 really, if you have the time. It’s ridiculous but true.

I’m not saying this is what the OP did, I’m just saying the leaderboard is not an accurate measure of skill.

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This in itself shows how highly skilled someone can be, making people believe that you suck by showing poor movement and erratic shots is a true form of art.

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I was told that the last season that there were master skins that is was extremely easy to get them.

In what world? When only 100 people have access to the internet?

I got all Obsidian skins by simpy playing one Capture the Flag per Season… :joy::joy::joy: