This is what MVP Gives You; Ranked Progression Still Broke

As the title says and to add insult to injury, because of bad teammates, in 2 matches I deranked from Diamond 2 go Onyx 3. Wtf? Smh. Fix it

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You should never get negative points. No matter what. Win or lose. Negative points do not show true skill. And if you lose because your team sucks that should not reflect your individual true rank /true skill!

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He didnt go negative he got +2

Im just saying. Because i played on a trash team got MVP. Negative points and I got deranked like a scrub. Rank is still broken. Never will be fixed

Was just in a match as 20,000 point underdog and won…zero points. :metal:

Just had another match going 23-6 MVP. Guess what? Lost over 550 points. Doesn’t make sense when a win nets me 100 or less