This is very strange

It’s pretty obvious that only one of these ten players is on the correct* server (I played against Krazed in the previous match where they had a solid 20ms) I believe this is a US East server. Initially I thought this was just a fluke with matchmaking since the ranks were all over the place too.

Bonus clip that basically sums up having 250ms

Until I searched again…


EXACT same 5-stack, now things are getting a little fishy. Both of these matches were found in less than a minute and again, the same person is the ONLY one with low ping (even lower now that he’s clearly on his preferred server) My teammates didn’t even play the 2nd round. I’m certain DeadTexasRanger is purposely searching with players from New Zealand, Australia etc but I’m absolutely clueless as to why (what I assume are Europeans) are getting lumped into matches with them? It’s unacceptable. You should only be placed on other servers if you can not find a match in your region or if you’re with a host from another region

I know how you feel. Matchmaking system is deeply flawed. And funny how server pings differ for various countries. I’m in US , East Coast and my ping is usually in single digits, up to 60. Mexico, Canada and Europe are 90-150. And Australia/New Zealand are 200-400. When I end up playing against those with 150-500 png I always, ALWAYS, have terrible lag. Doesn’t matter if my ping is low. If everyone else’s png is high I lag.

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Happened to me a few times recently as well

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