This is the new norm for gnasher battles

Makes me so angry. From that distance? The body even looks glitchy leaving the cover. Gnasher really is getting to be so frustrating with it’s inconsistency.


No skill,COD style Repawn Gears. The shotgun battles are awful.

Latency can make the other player appear farther away on your screen than they actually are. This is especially the case when the other player is moving rapidly toward you, as was the case in the clip.

Also, anyone who is claiming the gib distance in G5 is farther than the GOW4 core gnasher must have played a different GOW4 than I did.


Tbh I played 1, 3, and UE

Ok. The gib range in GOW4 core (i.e., KOTH) tuning was actually larger than what it is now. Anything that’s getting 95-99% in G5 was a kill in GOW4.