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This is the best Gears has ever been, and I'm posting to try to speak louder than the haters

First of all, the Campaign is mind-blowing. Especially in terms of environments. But most people agree the Campaign is great so all I’ll say is 5/5.

I see tons of complaints about the multiplayer because it’s changed significantly. I’ve played through every Gears, thousands of hours across all the games in multiplayer. I just want the developers to know I absolutely love how it’s changed. I was so sick of wall-bouncing, and spam rolling through rifle fire, turning each long range fight into a roll-bouncy Gnash off. Exploiting those old mechanics may have taken ‘skill’ and lots of hours to learn, but it was not fun. The old salty Gears veterans are only salty because they got good at those ridiculous and un-fun mechanics that boxed out non-Gears players, and are upset they can’t exploit them to their advantage anymore. Now multiplayer is about moving and flanking as a team, and playing a good game of rock-paper-scissors with different weapons. It’s about strategy, positioning, and creative thinking for approaches, which is tons of fun, and accessible everyone.

Thank you, Gears team!! Ignore the hate, This new direction is so good!!!


Do you get royalties for your statement?
Apart from Campaign… gears of. “War” died at 4.


The story is actually interesting for once, I like what they’re doing with the characters a lot, and the core gameplay is better than its ever been, but there are some REALLY big issues concerning other aspects of the game. It’s a shame that TC is doing some really great things with the series here, but what they do wrong is really hard to look past.


There’s a difference between haters and longtime fans voicing serious concerns. I hope you’re capable of making a distinction between the two.

A lot of the criticism is coming from people who’ve been with the series for years and played just as much as you have. They’re invested in the gameplay and characters and have sunk considerable time and money into the experience.

Advising The Coalition to ‘ignore the hate’ when I’ve seen dozens of reasonable and measured posts about game flaws is ignorant and insulting. TC AND the players ostensibly want the same thing - the best game possible.


I’m sorry I can’t take the OP seriously at all, not with that thread title !


lol but the community at large played the game the way it was .

People learned to play the game this way because that’s how Gears online always has been. If you didn’t like the style of play why have you played the online for so long? It’s great your positive about the game and I agree the story was wonderful! Although I still question why you bother to play online if you don like it. With that said why should they change it? Why should they say “hey we know the franchise has been being played online a certain way for many years, but lets change the dynamic!” To bring in new player that will put it down as soon as the next big name shooter comes out? Everyone has their series that they remain loyal to and that’s fine, to each their own, but they’re always going to go back to that game. So why not keep the franchise whitin the style it always has been for the loyal of this franchise?

I don’t mind having a more powerful lancer, but it’s too powerful right now and it causes lancer camping which slows down and destroys gameplay. Flanking will not help you against a full team of dedicated lancer campers, at least ones that can aim. Anyways, there are actual issues too, not just style of play preferences that are being complained about.


Looks like TC bot account or something?

The MP has been designed at a deep level to include super noobification in almost every facet.

Funny how all these posts retort with “ghansher is all they want” when its actually about manoeuvrability, power weapons, dueling, and not implementing cheap, low skill mechanics like stopping power and OP rifles.


That thread title though…

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lmfao sorry its hard to believe you wasted thousands of hours playing a game where you hated the meta. Sounds like a bs post to me. But go on, cheer on the team for gears 5. You wont be cheering for long as the game will be dead in a few months… if that

Ohh and if you want that you can go play literally any other shooter game. But no lets just take away the uniqueness of gears and turn it into overwatch/fortnight/call o fduty/halo


…Ahm…well…Opinions are different and even a Opinion can´t be false, but I totaly did not agree with that. For me was Gears 4 the best Gears ever, not in relation to the campagne, but the versus mode was very good and the horde mode was great (in my opinion). Gears 5 is…ahm…different. Of course there are some things I like in Gears 5. But unfortunately there are 5% I like more than in Gears 4 and 95% of things, which where better in Gears 4.


The thread is by a gears justice warrior or gjw for short


This person deserves a donut or something, well said!

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i miss during the first few months of gears 3 where u could wall bounce insanely fast lol. whatever tho. this game needs things but it aint terrible. i swear ppl are ■■■■■■■■ too much.

Its the worst it’s ever been in my opinion. It’s a casual mess because of aim assist, insane weapon damages across the board. The game is for beginners to the franchise.


The game is great won’t say it’s the best because we never know what the future might hold but I will say that the online connection for this game is the best online connection of all gears games for me at least (Ping 10-20). Weapons are way more powerful and I think that benefits veteran players more than new players considering that veteran players should already have 5 games under their belt of experience with them compared to new players. So I don’t see the argument that the weapons favor new players over old players. The one massive issue I do have with this game is the overpriced store and the rewards for tour of duty. I’ve posted about this in another thread so I won’t go into detail but yeah great game over all.


Yes, everyone who dislikes the game is just a “hater”. They’re all wrongfully and foolishly upset that the series has taken a complete 180 after thirteen years of playing it. Everyone else is wrong and you’re right. Everyone else was cheating and now you can finally play the game fairly. Is that it?

You do realize that the type of gameplay you desire is available in just about every other game, right? Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Counter Strike, Call of Duty objective modes, and etc. You can play your way by playing virtually anything else on the market. The people who like the Gnasher gameplay, the thing that made Gears MP popular, can only find that in Gears of War. So why don’t you go play something else and let the people who can only find what they’re looking for here play Gears?


Gears 5 seems to be awesome. But in the widest world PLEASE get the steam rolling on fixing the unbearable Campaign checkpoint/ save crashes, Collectibles that wont be saved and Achievements not getting unlocked. I wont touch the Campaign UNTIL all that is fixed. I would replay the campaign many times but NOT for trying to get collectibles to get set in stone and saved for the NT’h time.
Escape is fun though, but also make Horde great again, its kinda off in comparison to past iterations.
Otherwise, No Im not hater, just want G5 to succed and be 110% awesome!


You’re just wrong. Take your L and go home.

Also, you’re not SPEAKING louder. This is a forum.

Replying to me good sir?

Just laying weight on words to make a point nothing less nothing more. And Im wrong with what? That GoW is my cup of te… coffee? So your opinion is correct and mine and others not?
Seems to me you want to contribute to a split in community. I thought GoW were mature in comparison to a ton of other forums I’ve been part of for many years.
Guess I got a rude awakening from you, thanks I guess.
Only recently I wanted to jump in this… froum with MY opinion because I care about a franchise. Forgot my hazmat suit.

If by best you mean worst then I agree.

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