This is such a giant

Cluster ■■■.

The inconsistencies in this game are phenomenal!


You wanna give some specifics? Or


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No need we all know.

Again today, pulling the trigger gun won’t shoot.

We dont know, but thank you for actually elaborating on why you are upset.

So you don’t play the game?

Lag, gun not shooting, shooting through walls, dying where you weren’t, ghost shots, gun shooting where you aren’t aiming…

I do play the game.

Thank you :sunglasses:

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You’re most welcome.

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Played 6 guardian games lost all of em, safe to say I’m loving the matchmaking tonight.

I’m going positive pretty much every game, shame my teammates are legally blind. Gotta love a gung-ho leader too, sit back ffs or go play another mode.

Make that 7 losses in a row due to little cry baby quitters.

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