This is Ridiculous

First off,

I’m here because Gears of War has been my game since I was in 7th grade & now in my late 20’s.

Can we get the tuning reverted? Or make a separate tuning.

I’ve been quietly eyeballing & Gears5 has dropped 7 spots on the Microsoft list.

I might be censored but I think this is ridiculous when all it takes is a switch & the people will come pouring back…

I’m not just some random gamer… I haven’t played in 7 months & im top 20 in ranked TDM so I do have an ounce or speck of merit.

As a person who loves the franchise please speed up the tuning if not willing to revert & make TDM back to squads…

I solo qued in OP1 TDM & hit masters so it’s not impossible. I’m not even one of the best players but it’s possible if you know how to play that mode.

What I’m trying to say is squads of 2 in TDM was never a great idea & is also ridiculous.

I’m positive if you get these basic fundamentals back people will come…

If not so, maybe have 2 separate tunings like 4…

& please don’t come on here to bash me when I’m genuinely concerned & come with a heavy heart.

Heck, me coming back is humiliating because I announced my retirement from the forums months ago.

I’ll degrade myself to the dirt if it means helping this game…


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Another one eh?


I’d just like my screen captures to ■■■■■■■ work properly.
3 times the other day I recorded things and 3 times it didn’t work.


How do you check where you fall on the leaderboards?

You have to go to ranked & press “Y” on that mode & press “Y” again if you wanna see the top 100.

@SNAKEYWAKEY389 what’s wrong with actually wanting to give feedback that could bring tremendous life to the game?

The difference is I’m willing to get banned & hung on the cross than be “hush hush”

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There have been countless threads on this in the past month, that’s what I am getting at.


Well ima keep reminding TC.

Ive seen @TC_Shauny past stream & supposedly they are now willing to listen to players with some sort of merit.

I hope me being top 20 in TDM ranked , haven’t played in 7 months, is a crumb of merit worthy of being acknowledged.

No. TC announced a while back they are not going to do major changes to the tuning.

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I understand.

But the fact they rather watch the game tank just to be right?

That’s just not right.

I was being nice. Gears 5 used to be ahead of halo by 2 spots & they dropped 7 spots behind Halo.

Surely someone cares up there…


But it was rated M.


True, I was an illegal player back then :disappointed:


You’re not going to get banned lol. At this point in the game’s life cycle you may have to wait until Gears 6 to see serious tuning changes.

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FBI open up.


That’s fair, but Gears5 not even that old.

Barely over a year & other games have been out for 5+ years & are doing just fine.

I’m tired of that excuse, no offense, genuinely , I am.

It’s a very flawed game, you’re not wrong. I’ve tried to accept it for what it is though. It’s no longer fun when you’re slamming your head against a wall wishing for something different.

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I played the game since 2005 and was first shown a presentation in 2004.

I will be 50 next month and would like to say shut the F up.

You are ridiculous and your self serving kiddie post is stupid and useless. You are now free to say OK Boomer and disregard everything I just said.


Nah, why would I call you a boomer lol.

I think it’s awesome you’re 50 & game. That will be me someday.



Yeah well, I am still legally forced to call you a kiddo loser.

Nothing personal, its just how the internet works


Wouldn’t that make you an X’er? Oh and happy early Fornicator- I mean birthday!