This is rediculous why isnt thst dude dead?

Because you shot the ground. He should take damage, but you can’t complain about dying first there.

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The salvo isnt one shot kill i dont think if it hits the ground anyway, many times i have hit enemys with 3 or 4shots before they have have finaly perished

I don’t know what’s worse, these constant threads about how much Gears sucks, or complaining that Gears sucks, but the video provided clearly shows that they were the ones at fault


And yet we all still play it.:laughing:

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Hahaha! Yeah, I agree. For all of it’s faults, Gears 4 is a fantastic game

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It recorded zero damage, if you want to join me in a lobby and meet me on this map ill stand next to you and shoot the ground you tell me if it doesnt create damage, and fyi peoole complain because they care if they didnt care they wouldnt say anything at all, im gonna keep posting b.s. that needs to be fixed because i want this game to be better,

…And there was much rejoicing…yay…
-Monty Python and The Holy Grail

If some one doesnt say something constantly about the b.s. they allow in this game then no one will ever take the steps to make it right or better, i love this game enough to go out of my way to point out the very reasons people stop playing this game

I will continue to do this until some one steps up and fixes this game, i dont know about any one else but id much rather prefer ti see the player pool grow not shrink