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This is not Gears Versus

Where to begin…

This game gets more and more disappointing every game I play. So many problems, this game is way too geared towards new players that long time gears players feel out of place in their own game. Versus is so out of reach from prior games I can’t even play a game without getting sprayed down by Lancers at least 90% of my deaths. And if the community of Lancer abusers weren’t enough, Gnashers are terribly tuned for this game, they do too much damage for just keeping a distance and not actually getting into the old-fashioned gnasher battles that prior games were comprised of. And even if I do respectably lose a gnasher battle, the kill cam provided shows the opponent facing the opposite way and shooting and somehow killing me (Not sure if thats a kill cam problem or a hitbox problem).

But lets talk about hitboxes for a quick second… Anyone notice that Terminator and all female characters have a significantly smaller hitbox than male characters? Of course you’ve noticed because you’ve probably 96%'d one of them while they killed you solely because their hitbox is way smaller. Not asking for the characters to have their character model become larger, its just another thing that needs to be looked into.

This game unfortunately was designed for fortnite and apex players, hence why you see all these clueless players sitting in the back of the map spraying the whole game, a ton of balance and tuning changes need be in place for this game to survive for even the next month.


I’m being curious but what gears you liked the most?.

I’ve played terminators, they look “buggy”. But at least they are noisy, giving a hint to prepare your weapon soon enough .
A friend of mine who was more a Gears 1 player keeps saying “Gears 5 is an FPS in 3rd person”. I believe the game might be adjusted, but from what I got from the beta I felt the direction wasn’t going to change much :S

I honestly do love the game franchise, but theres just certain kinks in the game right now that are blatantly obvious.
My favorite Gears game has to be Gears 3, everything about the game was fantastic, but I also liked Gears 4’s multiplayer as it was a little bit more fast paced than Gears 3. So I would have to say if Gears 3 had a few of the aspects Gears 4 had, that would be a perfect game.

I loved GoW 3 as well, more than the others no doubt, but I do like how rifles were balanced in GoW 4.

U can still use gnasher the whole round and win if your good. The lancer needed a buff to enable variety, more tactics and less mindless rushing. Its definetly gears and more like the initial vision of the multiplayer was supposed to be before it degenerated into wallbouncing shotgun noobs

Sounds like you’re one of the sweaty lancer abusers who never learned the concept of wall bouncing, so I take it you don’t understand it is not for “noobs” but for actually skilled players unlike yourself who complains because you get smoked by wall bouncers.

“I’m RiGhT, yOuR wRoNg!!”

Looks like this post is going to devolve into this type of discussion.

Sure it needed a bit of a buff.

The damage is insane, that combined with the aim assist and stopping power is a triple threat from one gun.

It’s too much.

Sure, give the damage buff. Take away the stopping power.

Same w the Gnasher. Too powerful at range, especially with the shoddy connections happening

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