This is looking like a bad fail

There is a ridiculous amount of problems with the gameplay. Maybe its just arcade, but between wild lags, glitches and bugs and what seems to be just straight headshot mods, the game us looking like a big flop. This few matches have gotten me so heated that im considering getting back on Gears4 and just sticking to that. The melee is stupid for too many reasons. Half the new guns ridiculously overpower the classics. The added features like the melee and the new “rewards” causes tooo many problems. Trying to play on classic alt is annoying if you crouch behind cover. The wall bouncing seems removed with delays to switching cover. Rolling near corners blocks you. When you get downed and go to crawl away it skips you forward actually putting you into harms way. Had a few decently good matches but this just doesnt seem as enjoyable as Gears4. And no where near what a Gears game was. Honestly, this what happens when the originators leave the series to some randoms. I had alot of hope for this cause I thought Gears4 was a great game and i always had some fluid matches. Its been impossible for me to play KoTH which is one of my favorite game modes. I really hope the next test steps it up and shows improvement cause im about to cancel my preorder and just stick to Division2 and Realm Royale. So much balancing to be done and to think you guys are doing these tests with just a little over a month left, not to mention how poorly you were ready to even roll out the test. You guys shouldve started doing testings right after E3. This isnt even a beta like traditionally, it’s honestly the community doing the dirty work for ya collecting data for what seems to be a broken aspect of the game


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