This is gonna be an exciting Friday

Small thing for many, but I’ve been waiting for Skorge to become craftable since his special pack was removed from the store. I did not play the online stuff hardcore until late April so I didn’t have a lot of credits to drop on those packs at the time.

So, thanks for making Skorge craftable as of tomorrow, TC! I’m not big on PvP Versus, but he’s one of my favorite characters and definitely my favorite baddie. Plus, you guys did a fantastic job with his character model in 4. All in all, he’ll be a great addition :slight_smile: Friday is only a day away but it still can’t come soon enough.


I got him the morning (in fact, the hour) he first dropped because he was my fave gears character ever and they did do a great job. But, I’m happy for you guys that have waited so long due to bad RNG luck. You definitely deserve him at this point.