This is going to be a lot of words

So, during the past month or so, since Gears 5’s launch–if you’ve seen me on the Forums as a regular, you may have noticed that I defend Gears 5 a lot of the time, only really griping at the cosmetics and unlocks. And then I started to think about the quitters. The 1 Year Ban you can apparently get for quitting–and then it hit me. Is it really the quitters that are the problem? They’re in Siege, Titanfall, For Honor, Battlefront, Destiny etc. But they aren’t so bad that the devs have to issue a year-long ban in order to keep them from leaving out of anger, or something else. I started to think that maybe I was blinded by the honeymoon stage of the game–but after I played three Guardian matches, a KOTH match and saw the $20 GUEST CHARACTER Pack, (At least RTJ and Aaron were kinda in-universe and were interesting), I came to realize that on a fundamental level, Gears 5 might just–be really effing terrible.

Of course I’m not the first to think this, it’s obvious just about 70% of people hate it too. And the common defense I’m seeing (and that I’ve used as well) is the fact that the game just came out and of course there’s not going to be lots of content and issues. This excuse was acceptable–up until the game had been out for a week. With the early Demo (It wasn’t a Beta) and week of early access, a week After launch I’d say it should’ve been fixed on a core level then–not now after the first big update.

Now if you think I’m wrong, or want to keep reading, I’m going to spell out my thoughts more clearly below–If you already agree with me or don’t care to read, just go ahead and scroll down to the conclusion since I know I’ve already made a wall of text.

Campaign - SPOILERS
Gears 5 felt like it had a solid campaign to me. Until I had finished it in two six hour sessions (On Normal because I’m just a CaSuAl Newb). But then–even though the split endings had me in at first, eventually it just didn’t feel right. The editing for the final cutscene looks like I edited it–it looks bad. While most of the campaign holds up, it’s short as hell. Gears 5 obviously opened up the walls, but they didn’t add anything extra. Games of similar fashion, such as Darksiders–God of War, do this format so much better. I get that it’s Gears’ first attempt at this style of gameplay; but with Microsoft’s support and all there should be no excuse for a lack of content. At first some of the campaign elements led me to think that it would hold up to Gears 2 or 3–but that’s just naive. The soundtrack is less memorable than 4’s–although more heroic most of the main themes use the same melodies. Gears 4 had some terrible writing but at least it felt coherent, like all the past games. And as for characters in 5, Kait and Del were alright but then JD had a redemption arc that came out of nowhere and Fahz had the same thing–again out of nowhere. Felt like three games were crammed into one.

I’ve touched a lot of versus so far–and I’m surprised I haven’t snapped my remote in half. I think games like Rainbow Six Siege have some pretty atrocious pricing and microtransactions, but at least on a fundamental level it’s fun and not super aggravating to play. Every match I get two-pieced. Or some a-hole hides behind a corner with a Gnasher the entire match. Or I fire point blank and get nothing, only for them to hit me with three pellets and deal 100% at once. And of course the quitters–but with a VS that’s so imbalanced I don’t blame the quitters. I don’t want to sit around for 30 mins getting Gnashered around the corner or ■■■■■■ by Lancer fire.

I’m not gonna go into Horde because I haven’t played a whole lot–but from what I have played it just feels like Judgement survival mixed with 4’s “okay” Horde mode.
Same with Escape, everyone knows the issues. I won’t bring them up.

Micro–sorry, MACROtransactions
$20 for two characters you don’t know and aren’t even from Gears! $5 for a single skin! I know $5 used to get you a whole set in 2012, and even a full set like 8 months ago—but why not?

Every bit of the store looks like it was stolen from EA or COD. The store itself looks like ■■■■■■■ Fortnite. Daily item–$3-5, weekly items, $5-10, Chrome Steel and Kait in a Sweater? $15-20. It’s the hump that breaks my damn back. They said we would get characters unlocked through gameplay or the option to buy them. Want to unlock with gameplay? Give us 30 hours of your soul grinding–PER CHARACTER. Or you know, $5. The only thing that’s remotely fair as far as pricing and I still think it’s overpriced–especially for characters that were in at launch.

There is no incentive to play this game. What? Finish 4 dumb bounties a day to earn half the stars needed for the next TOD level? Just so you can earn–oo what’s this? A Swarm Drone! Nice going buddy!

Seriously man, ■■■■ this game. I really hoped Gears 5 would do alright. If you play it for like 20 hours you might have fun–but if you were expecting something at least on Par with Gears 4 at the end or middle of it’s life–it’s worse.

I still don’t think Gears 5 is worse than Judgement—but it’s bad. Gears 3 set a bar so high, I don’t know HOW they can’t rekindle that original spark. I think someone at Blizzard said, (regarding Hearthstone and Overwatch) that their games are so fun to play because they’re gamers, so they make a game they enjoy. Same with CDPR and the Witcher and probably Cyberpunk 2077. Now my question is–how many of TC’s staff actively play Gears 5? Not enough to catch big glitches. Not enough to care I don’t think.

Maybe this is all me putting it on TC, they could’ve been forced to get Gears 5 out this year so that it doesn’t compete with Halo next year–maybe. I don’t know. But even still, it wasn’t rushed and yet so many aspects of it were. I think my biggest problem is finding a reason to care to play. The MP, Horde and Escape aren’t satisfying. None of my friends touch the game. There’s nothing to unlock. Re-Ups give us some crappy Desert skins. TOD is an unwavering Grind on top of characters and things in the store that are overpriced and unobtainable.
I kept my hopes up–but after this first TU, after we got our first batch of characters–I’m so very disappointed. Gears is my favorite franchise of all time. I’ve got a Lancer replica hanging on my wall above my bed and me and my girlfriend share a pair of COG tags–it’s pretty important to me as I’ve been playing since '08, lots of others I know have played since before that, and also have deep roots with the franchise. But this isn’t Fortnut, it isn’t Wallets of Duty, it isn’t Anthem (Loading Screen)–This is GEARS. So why the ■■■■ was the ball dropped so far? Why does this game continue to flop and surprise me with every step back they take. At least with Gears 4 they’d take a step back, and two forward–balancing it out. With Gears 5, they’re just power-walking backwards, plugging their ears and screaming until we refuse to open wallets.

It truly does hurt to see Gears become Old Yeller. Because–I love the franchise, as many of us do. And yet we’re rewarded with… this.

Buster Out, or something–I don’t care anymore.


Respect for your honesty. I love Gears. This just isn’t my Gears. I’m still here because I love the franchise and I’m holding out hope.


I was…then I realized I only got on once a day and played for 30 mins…then got angry at the MP, then left and played Destiny or Red Dead or anything else–that was actually fun. I even found myself turning off my xbox and doing homework–I never do that!



I love Gears but the multiplayer in this one is subpar. I can live with the changes but the consistency is nonexistent so I find myself having afternoons that everything registers but the evening it’s like I am not even shooting. You’d think using 60hz servers would improve the hit detection but I had less issues playing Gears 4 on a 30hz server which in itself ran horrible too.

The Coalition outdid themselves in ways that I wish they hadn’t. I don’t understand how a lobby where I have a 19ms ping and everyone is stable sub-50ms pings and the hit detection breaks down. This never happened in Gears 4 - over there it was the fluctuations that broke down.


Red Dead online is an example of a game I didn’t like at launch, then came back to recently and love. They addressed a lot of things, added cool content. I’ll admit it’s rare to see that happen though…

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Maybe Gears 5 will be good in a year…but that is NOT a mentality or standard we should expect or accept in gaming.

I haven’t touched RDO, just finished my Second playthrough of the story…since the first time I murdered just about everyone I came across.


I was irked by a lot of things in Gears 4 but I booted it up last night for the first time in a long while and it was like hot coco at Christmas time; warm memories.


Without going into specifics, here is my feeling on the game.

I just can’t go from better, gears 4, to what we have now.

It is similar to those who played black ops 2 and couldn’t continue on after ghosts released. Same for those who played halo 1-3 and couldn’t go to the downgrade of Reach.

Kinda like gears 3, were a lot of people didn’t like it at first and perhaps ending up leaving it. It became a classic and brought on a new era of gears.

With time, people leave and people come in - causing different opinions in the community, creating a new community.

Halo Reach, Ghosts, and Gears 3 are absolutely beloved - after an initial rejection.

I personally don’t like reach and ghosts but I do like Gears 3.

Whatever you may think, those games were popular and accepted. Even if the hardcore players of the past didn’t like them, the games thrived with time and brought on a new era. I don’t think anyone is asking for gears to be exactly like UE. I don’t think people wanted halo 4 to be just like halo 1/2. There’s a balance to it.

Gears 5 isn’t a reach, ghosts, or Gears 3.

You can’t say, “well at least it…”

No, it isn’t doing any good.

I’ve said it before, if it was only on gamepass for 1 dollar or even free and had a battle royale that blew the game up in popularity then i would understand. I wouldn’t say anything.

This, this is a broken mess. There isn’t a new era being formed here.

A year from now, new xbox and new halo are going to come out along with other games leading up to and after that point. You think people are STILL going to be playing vasgar and exhibit? Gears 6 already took a hit because of this mess. Gears 6 will have to be what the community wants OR something completely different THAT WORKS like a hero multiplayer with abilities (arcade and horde are setting that up). They sold out too much.

I just can’t buy a new car that is worse than the one i had. Can’t buy a TV that is worse than the one I had. You get the point.

It’s to the point where I just don’t care if they “fix up” gears 5, it just won’t be better. It hasn’t brought anything to the table.

Okay, for those who hated Gears 3, they couldn’t even deny that 3 brought on a lot of content and a new playability and popularity. Same with halo reach.

Gears 5 is not one of those games. Forget about it being the greatest gears ever and this and that. It isn’t even its own thing!


I see an fair few people mention about the pings, whereas I find that’s one of the least problems.

As when you have poor ■■■■ maps, restricted slow movement with delays and overall crap multiplayer decisions… the game is still gonna be total trash anyway.

Why would I play a game, where it feels like my skill/abilities are being held back. Just to reduce the skill level and for what?

As those casuals sure aren’t gonna stick around long enough.


This right here is the crux of it for me. Did you see the dev stream yesterday when they addressed the reduced skill gap video by @Z_i_i ?


I’d really like to see a response to that vid as I thought it was spot on, I bet they just brushed half it off and didn’t even acknowledge the other half :roll_eyes:

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That’s exactly what they did. They turned it into a, “center of screen shooting wasn’t very skillful” thing.


Nah didn’t see it. I honestly rarely ever watch stuff like that.

You and I had words some weeks back about most of this. I’m not here to say I told you so, to gloat in any way or say anything condescending or childish. All I’m going to say is that I agree with everything you said, and I respect you very much for having the courage and the integrity to say all that you have said in this post.


What? The vid wasnt asking for that back in the slightest, so nothing on the actual skill gap scrub? loosing all hope over here :expressionless:

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Nope, they did not head on address the reduced skill gap or any type of idea to increase the gap.


Good post mate and agree with everything you have said and feel.

The tragedy is that Gears will never be as good as Gears 3 again. TC do not seem to have what ever all the Epic staff had, such as Cliff and Chris Perna and even a younger more focused (did CB keep him in check ?) RF.

I have been playing 5 because…probably nostalgia, and to be fair there is a little fun to have from time to time. but ultimately this was not the Gears I wanted, this is not the Gears we “deserved” this in a nutshell is not Gears, it really is not, at least not the one we all fell in love with and have such a deep passion for. Truth is we are not needed anymore, we are like Delta a throwback to a different time, and I feel our time has passed.

Watch "Crescendo Making of Gears of war 3"on YT. (only 4 minutes). When Gears was great and RF had passion


Rather have gears die than slowly sink into the abyss. I can’t accept what they’re doing to it.


Great post and I agree. It’s sad what this outstanding franchise has become. I used to laugh at people posting “Gears is dead!” stuff during Gears3, Judgment and 4 because despite flaws those were still enjoyable to play.

I really struggle to find anything enjoyable about Gears5. It doesn’t improve on anything, everything is a step back.


I should hire you to speak on my behalf.

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