This is getting out of hand!
I dont understand How I missed the up A(actually maybe the way the barrel was angled now that i look at it) and how did that terminator kill me???

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I could tell from the first two shots, you have poor accuracy lol

Don’t need to bounce / wall cancel so much :slight_smile: take your time


Lol welcome to gears 5. Thats how it is for everyone. No need to bounce so much. Take your time and hit your shots.

wait wait guys it wasnt the up A i was mad about, it was the fact that the terminator killed me by some bs.

Oh btw when I was shooting my first two shots, it doesnt matter bc I ended playing for chunk and not for damage. especially bc he was playing for damage, its more about if I can fake him out hence why i was bouncing a lot. Peep 0:05 when he shot that shot thats the queue for an up A bc he can’t shoot again for a lil while

It looks like the work of lag.

Pls read my response, I woulda pop shotted if i actually played for damage and accuracy

I’ve put almost 30 days into 5.

What you posted has happened probably the amount of times on one hand to me.

Doesn’t matter if you can “fake” someone out if your accuracy is buns. Which in that video, every shot from your gnasher was very bad.

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??? what??? if i hit the up A he woulda died. Its obvious that you played 30 days if you dont understand what i tried to do there. Thats something that pro players like icy and avexys do. But ■■■■■■ Gears 5 physics, I up Aed when he’s right in front of me and didnt hit 1 pellet which literally makes no sense


Delays happen…. If that happens constantly though…. it’s on you.

I’ve played avexys and he didn’t do a lot of up As. But he also has accuracy. :slight_smile:

? its not about doing alot of up As, its bs that he doesnt get killed from it when I shot right in front of my face. And bc the gnasher spread is so wide, ofc Im not gonna have the best accuracy from that range if im not aiming down sights

It’s in the past. Let it go. :slight_smile:

you the one that replied, Criticizing me when it should bout the game logic🤦🤦

I criticized your silly bouncing and poor accuracy.

You’re upset over a delay. Or maybe what you saw on your screen with the terminator. You keep flip flopping.

I gave you my advice. To bounce less, hold your shot, and take your time for accuracy.

Or you can let it blow in the wind; either way you got bodied twice. :slight_smile:

Your call buddy.

its all good bruh, Whatever. My aim was ■■■■ but It wasnt waht i was playing or complaining bout. but whatever

Ya, playing for accuracy is overrated.

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I was playing for chunk sir, if you dont understand my intent wasn’t to down him. but to go for the up a

But you have to hit them to chunk.

omg did you not see the video? the up A literally goes right thru his legs.