This is Gears of War 4 in 2021

You would think theres money on the line in these matches but trust me this is 90% of matches on gears of war 4 its so strange lol just watch this clip and tell me if you think this is fun

i know what yall are thinking “why are you playing this in 2021” well i just wanted to try it out and jesus christ mans play this like its the recent gears game so sad…

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Yes it is fun pinning bad players with lancers.


I’m not, actually. The recency of a game doesn’t determine its value.


You can’t lancer people like that if you can’t get map control, and you can’t get map control without winning a fight somewhere at some point.


i like the way you think

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Respect for op’s gt

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Gears 4’s Versus is far superior to Gears 5’s.


My team of 3 yesterday in Control got called “Lancer (Insert female dog reference)” because we all understand the power and value of using it.

I simply responded: “Ikr, why use a weapon you spawn in with?”. Do people expect a Gnasher 1v1 battle all the time?

Don’t get how players actually complain about this. Lancering/crossing wins matches. Just because you don’t like to use it doesn’t mean the other team can’t. That’s why back then, the player with 40 downs is as valued as the MVP.

Either counter it with your Lancer, throw smokes, or get map control.


OP wants to roadie run straight to the hill and get insta-gibs. Gotta understand him tho, his excheatedonhim.

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I don’t see what the problem here is…

playing gears while other people are playing cod, looks like fun

How would you know?

Eh sometimes it’s a bit much. And it’s boring. If all you do is lancer and that’s it I’m not interested… go play a 4v4 custom and don’t bother me. Gears is best when there is a mix going on.

Remember that time you played me?

Can’t be mad at other’s playstyles - even more so if they’re winning

I will happily empty a clip & a half if it means getting a down, assist, or a kill

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Wow it’s almost like they are trying to keep you out of the hill… and look at the range that you’re at compared to them, is it really worth rushing you and potentially losing that hill when they could just lancer you from a distance?