This is an absolute joke (ranked system)

How in God’s name am I not the MVP of this match? Not only that, but a guy on my team with LESS THAN HALF of my eliminations won MVP. It just makes absolutely no sense. What is the criteria???

I had the most caps on my team, by far the most eliminations and 2nd most downs yet I’m last? I hard carried my team this game. It just makes no sense to me dude. This whole system needs to be reworked because as far as I’m concerned it’s still a mess.


Revives seem to have a high value as some kind of hidden score. Maybe the MVP revived 3-4 people or even more.

The answer lies at the bottom right of your screen. You maxed eliminations and caps just like everybody else but came last on breaks .


So in a 3 round KOTH match TC decided to max the eliminations out at 60? The fact that I literally got double that means that half of the kills I got in that game essentially mean nothing.

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There is a fixed amount of points you can make during a match, so after reaching the cap, the only extra bonus would be the mvp. In that game you would’ve made mvp if you had reached the max of 10 breaks.

The fact that you had 130 eliminations tells me that your team won because of that, I wouldn’t call it “essentially nothing”.

Its the worst system ever made. Also everyone can be master. Its a question about participating together as a community of fluffy happy co living gamers. You will get your trophy in the end.


Maybe revives and the level cap play a factor but putting you in dead last? That is a joke.

Not a very funny one T.C.

Rip the ring breaks lol

Those usually help

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Yeah I’m not a fan of this scoreboard at all. I’ll be 25 and 12 with my whole team going negative and lose. What bothers me though is losing MVP to a guy who was 8 and 8 cause he won.

Also eliminations that are kills are worth more than just plain eliminations at least in non ranked modes. Also while deaths aren;t listed you do lose points for dying and you get points for reviving teammates. Also executions are worth some points

I still think the elimination max should be higher, just put it to 100 so it’s very hard to max out often.

I’ve been maxed out on a team where we are clearly gonna lose and I’m basically playing for nothing.

You have to up your Breaks game. :wink:

134! nice

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Good and easy question .

Becouse that other player has Also full ring breaks what u are missing by 8 breaks , actually also beakman could be MVP and it probably raffle between satan and beakman , it’s not all about eliminations anymore :wink:

No one cares chief

Deaths are meaningless in ranked, proof of that is people that get mvp on TDM with a track record of 20-18 while second place goes 16-3.

There might be a hidden factor awarding more points for a 99% kill than a 1% but it hardly matters since the ones that are worth your trouble are on the board for everyone to see.

Only differences I notice which seem to count are revives and breaks. Having said that Look at your score. Walk away knowing you played very well.

It vote between two players who have max elinations
, max ring captures and max ring breaks .

i’ve said it is a poor system and people just arguet it is better than 4’s. my point is that it is unrewarding, not the fact that it is easier to understand

i’ve had games with 180 elims and 80 downs and not gotten mvp, which i understand how it works but it isn’t reflective. it’s also too easy to rank up.

the last time i played i had more downs than my 4th place had elims lol

Sounds like you use too much lancer. Try COD.


The true mvp isnt determined very well. The mvp score should go by “uncapped” GP. But the actual scoring towards the rank stats remains capped