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Trying to join escape match and I get:

Failed to join game session as space was not provided for all players.

I’ve been kicked from three horde lobbies, something definitely up.

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The store seems to be completely functional though.


Ah yeah the lobbies with 2 players present but when I try to join its constantly saying the lobby is full even though its still showing only 2 players lol.

I can’t be sure but i think its saying that some players need to get on the treadmill once in awhile

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That’s the only part of Gears 5 that never breaks.

Other than failing to award Chrome Steel weapon/character skin purchases properly for some people. Though that may well be the only part of the store that has broken thus far.


I don’t know :man_shrugging:t2: that’s esports section. I never go into that crap. :grin:

I just know by the complaints of it on here. Not an issue I encountered myself.

Now its “Session no longer exists.”

The game is trolling you bro.

Just Avada Kedavra the whole thing and be done with it.


It means they locked the last slot I’m pretty sure :+1:

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