This is a disgrace

I don’t feel comfortable saying this, but damn guys. I played Gears 5 last night with some friends. The first time since November when I rode solo. Gears versus has improved. Movement is faster closer to what 4 was but still off. Ranking works up to silver 1 at least I was able to rank up after my matches when I performed. I was an oynx 1-2 in Gears 4 I should be able to break gold in Gears 5 if I were to play more games. I only play KOTH for what its worth. The few games I played match making was ok at best. The weapons tuning is something that takes time for me to get used to so I’ll hold my breath on that, Changing the button layout for Chainsaw, executions from what Gears 4 was a monster mistake as I was killed multiple times because of it. Six round gnasher, whoever came up with that needs to be fired. Got me killed so many times. I was caught reloading in situations were if I had an 8 round magazine I would not have been reloading. 8 rounds for the gnasher has been a thing since gears 1 that shouldn’t have changed.

But what really has me irritated right now is the Blatant sabotage that’s happening in Gears 4. Every game is extra laggy. I was just in a game where I had the lowest ping of the lobby but I was the one teleporting around. I had to quit or lose my temper entirely. I get it Gears 5 is supposed to be your flagship game right now. I just don’t want to play it. I played last night with two friends of mine. I have the best internet my internet company provides and the lowest ping I could get was 40. we played a game against a guy who was pinging around 15-20. he was teleporting on all three us. Frame skipping to be more accurate. I don’t want to play against that.

For all of Gears 4 faults, by the end of its life cycle it at least had comfortable tuning in my opinion. But the constant battling people with who has ping rates that are double mine, and just like my last game i’m teleporting all over the place constantly having massive packet loss, that’s enough dude.

I grew up playing PlayStation. that’s the only gaming console my parents bought. When I moved out on my own, I Bought an Xbox 360 just so I could plays Gears of War. By that time Gears of war 2 had dropped. I played Gears of war 1 campaign but my foray into Gears of war was Gears 2 versus when lag switching was a big time thing and I didn’t know that’s what was happening I just thought this sucks so I stuck with horde mostly. You guys have destroyed a Franchise I have loved for more than a decade.

It really pains me to say this because building games is your job and how you provide for your families, but I hope if there is a Gears 6, Microsoft goes with another company.


Gears 4 has been on the back burner for a while. There are a number of issues with Gears 5. That has been taking priority.


I’m fine with Gears 5 being a priority. What I am not okay with is the blatant sabotage that they are implementing on Gears of War 4 to get people to play 5. Several of my friends feel the same way. You can never rank up only rank down. Pings are all over the place within lobbies. I had the lowest most stable ping yesterday and I was the one being teleported. Cmon now.

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I’m ok with sabotage because gears 5 need more players. I read it’s like 35th on the list. Sheesh! I know this smarts for Gow4 bros who have to take it in the rear but gotta do what you gotta do!

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It would have more players if it wasn’t such a train wreck. My buddies and I played it for a few weeks. All of my friends left after about 3 weeks of it launching. I stayed on till late October. We all wanted Gears 5 to succeed. Gears 5 was going to be our game that we could play for months. It was such a massive let down. I came back for like a few days when Operation 2 dropped. Most of the core issues I had or I felt needed to be addressed weren’t. About two days ago two of my friends partied up and we gave it a shot. We got our ranks in KOTH played a game or two more. We acknowledged that the game has improved, but some of the issues we want to see addressed.

Emotes removed or having the abiliity to turn them off, Six round gnasher put back to eight rounds. Remap the button loadout to what they had in Gears 4. (I need to hold the B button to rev my chainsaw not RB, mantle kick knife execution. I forget the button loadout as I try not to try it anymore) faster reloads. and some other core changes.

I thought about playing a few games on Gears 5 to see how the weapon tuning is now and making a post about it. But I don’t have as much fun playing Gears 5.

There are 2 tricks that are unforgivable and must remain in the memory of the players:
1.- The blatant sabotage of Gears 4 to “force” the players to go to 5.
2.- The disappearance and censorship of hundreds of negative ratings, this in the Windows store.

Before the censorship:

After the censorship:

That’s a lot of nonsense.
Sabotage for a product should never, ever be justified. That borders on the limit of legality as I see it.
Never in my 30+ years as a player have I seen a developer sabotage their own product.
That’s not having an ounce of ethics or respect for those of us who pay for the game and its additional content.

If they want more people they should have made a better game.

By the way, the game is in 39th place, not 35th.


It’s just my personal opinion, bro. Just like you’re entitled to yours, I’m entitled to mine. Sabotage may not be ok for you, but it’s ok for me. Sabotage hurts Gow4 players by making the game harder to play for them, but helps Gow5 players by forcing GoW4 players onto Gow5 and thus increasing the playerbase. I no longer play GoW4 so I could care less what happens to its players. I play Gow5, so do I care what happens to it. See how that works? Something can be bad for one person, but at the same time can be good for another. It’s nothing personal, bro. It’s just the way the world works.

Also, about the review scores, doctoring those up will also helps Gow5 players, bro. If more people believe more people like the game, then more people will buy it, thus further increasing the playerbase. Just like how everyone bandwagons a sports team, or a band when they’re already winning, how people will like things on IG, or FB just because a ton of people already liked 'em and they wanna fit in. It’s herd mentality in action, bro. Video games are cutt-throat business, bro. Either take advantage of it, or get left in the dust.

Not exactly. The theory is if we sabotage Gears of War 4 people will go to five, is not entirely viable people will just go to another game. ALA Halo, BorderLands, I mean take you pick. Gears 5 by and large is dead. What happened that destroyed Gears 5 IMO was a combination of three things. Loss of Identity and Play style that made Gears Unique, The Launch was so so bad followed up by Operation two the first big update was by many fans a huge letdown. and lack of communication from TC to the loyal fanbase that has kept this franchise chugging along for 13+ years. As a company degrading my gaming experience from your previous title so I play your new one is a bad business practice. Look at Apple and the class action lawsuit that followed them when they were caught downloading viruses as part of an update to make peoples phones crash so they would go out and buy new ones. That case should show how illegal that is. Now mind you if I enjoyed Playing Gears 5 I would be playing it. But it is hard to enjoy the game. I’m glad you find the game amusing enough to continue playing it. that’s your prerogative. My prerogative to spend on my time on other titles and having a good gaming experience. Despite all of the ■■■■■■■■ happening in GOW4 it is still a more enjoyable game than 5 is at the moment.


Lol at believing any review scores anyway. Didn’t you know they’re all bought and paid for? Here’s a concept: you gotta play a game and decide if you like it all by yourself. Yep, that’s how it works. Aww… don’t tell me you actually believed in those review companies. That’s cute. Sorry to turn you’ guy’s worlds upside down suddenly like this but you gotta learn sooner or later. People are just gonna take advantage of you bros.

At this point your comments don’t bring anything constructive to the discussion. No one said nor was it even implied that people follow gaming reviews. The only reviews I and I’m sure most people take with any serious are reviews on Amazon when looking for certain products.

Now what was said was how Microsoft is manipulating the scores and reviews. Again that practice is illegal. Falls underneath false advertisement. They are trying to say the game sells and is worth your time to play it. While that is clearly not the case. Now you made a comment

This comment literally destroys your last statement. Also your statement could also imply that the playerbase for 5 isn’t where it should be. Something we all could agree on. Again if the game even lived up to half of the hype then there would still be more people playing it. But it didn’t. What does those negative reviews myself and many others on this forum have in common. we think the game is trash or to put it nicely incomplete

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All I’m saying is review scores you see anywhere should be taken with suspicion bro. It’s not only video games. It’s any product. Yes, even Amazon reviews were found to be falsified. I could bring up the story for you but I’m sure you can find yourself. Actually any public products or even internet profile where the opinions of the masses is used for marketing is easy to manipulate. Did you know people can simply buy FB or ig followers, Twitter, YouTube suscribes and likes, etc. They do it because people have a sheep mentality. They tend to only buy something if they think others are buying it too. The point is you can’t simply follow the herd. You need to think for yourselves.

Oh I do. That’s why I walked away from Gears 5. I only played it today So maybe I can make a versus post about it. Problems that I see from an above average player. Things that moght make the game better

You literally agree and justify that users are treated with:

  • Betrayals
  • Censorships
  • Oppressions
  • Lies
  • Disrespect

All for the purpose of obtaining an objective, is that correct?

Well, I can’t agree with such a lack of values, ethics and principles, and although I know that in this industry the aim is to generate profits, it should never be done by treating users like silly zombies.
If a company acts in that way, the only thing it does is make users go somewhere else and not where they want you to go.

Even EA hasn’t fallen that low by sabotaging previous versions of BF, for example, to force people to move to the newest thing.

We customers must have enough self-esteem not to allow ourselves to be treated that way.


Are you kidding? Read what you just put… …this is the community tc created…do you honestly believe peeps will play 5…cause 4 now runs like a bag of ■■■■ :rofl:


Actually, I think in their minds, TC ultimately does make all these moves with the right intentions, which is to benefit us Gow5 players. As messed up as it sounds the review scores, the sabotage, were all meant to help us.

The problem is their efforts fall flat on their face just like everything else they’ve done recently. Inflating review scores won’t work because the game was stupidly put on game pass to compete with the fortnite crowd. So at best kids will just download and try it out for a few minutes. Then once they get their head popped and sawed in half, and run crying back to fortnite they’ll delete it. The sabotage won’t work either except only for a few niche fans who were holding out on getting Gow5, clinging to Gow4. Those who already bought Gow5 or have game pass and got disappointed with Gow5 will simply get mad and play something else like Cod.

Oh well, at the very least TC is trying things. I’d rather them try than do nothing at all. I’m just a fan who wants to see the series succeed and continue and yes, for that to happen Gow5 has to bring in more people. No, what they’re doing it’s not working so far and they don’t seem to have a sense of direction. But, if you keep throwing darts at a dartboard eventually you have to hit the bullseye right?

Read this back to yourself…as a franchise they’ve done nothing to take it forward…the game was released broken…it remains that way in some ways…your implying that its ok for gears 4 to now not work (deliberately or not!)…so that peeps play 5…do you even read comments in the forums?..the reason their going back to 4 (or trying)…like myself to gears 2/3…is because the game aint great…not many playing this…and with good reason…i never thought I’d see gears the laughing stock shitshow that it is right now…but your comments simply back it up🙄

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They cannot completely mess up Gears 4 because they know hardcore players are still playing 4 and they refuse to jump to 5, like me.Moreover, lots of these gamers are on Gamepass. If they ruin online for G4 there wouldn’t be a reason for staying on GP. And for some people Gears is the only multiplayer game they play. So why even have gold??. Might as well cancel their online membership and and jump ship to Sony like I’m doing. It’s got great exclusives. But anyway, MS don’t want that. They want to keep people paying. Whether is GP, Ultimate or Gold. That’s why they’re delaying content like maps for G5 too I bet. It’s in their best interest to keep you paying for as long as they can while doing the bare minimum to keep you interested. I made peace with the fact that Gears 5 won’t get any better. It just doesn’t appeal to me. Just too many issues with it in PvP and PvE. It doesn’t feel like a Gears game anymore. Plus everything in the game is geared towards monetization which is a major turn off. We saw a precursor of that in G4 but this time is even worse with the grinding and microtransactions. But that’s how these greedy corporations are. They ruin everything for a dollar.

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  • TC is not sabotaging GOW4. It’s an obsolete title that nobody plays now, and so support and server infrastructure are naturally being wound down.

  • The Gears 5 review scores are not being “censored.” The MS Store review score is a rolling average of recent reviews, and the only reason the score was low for a while is because people review bombed the game. The score has gone up since that point because the review bomb has ceased, and, as you can see from the more recent reviews, the vast majority of gamers like the game a lot.


Don’t delude yourself. The game still is in bad shape and yes they did censor the game reviews. GOW isn’t quite obsolete.


Classic @Mark36111 post.

Mark you know that still millions of people still play GOW 4, I mean I just can conceive you’re saying this

GOW 4 its THE FATHER of Gears 5 .

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