This impeccable ranking system

Everyone here is complaining about this perfect working ranking system and i dont understand why? I went on a nice and sweaty 10+ winsteak against similar ranking or better opponents in koth these past days and still no rank progress… ahhhh isnt it great when u play for hours daily, to go and not get rewarded too! cant WAIT for gears 5 im soooo gonna preorder that! Even gotten MVP back to back games a couple times but thats just ordinary… you know nothing special. Went against a team of 4 Diamonds, one of them even being tier 5 but you know thats just usual and expected of a Onyx 3 nothing special, am i right? But the best part of this magnificent superb spectacular ranking system is when i lost against a team that had 5 diamonds all a different tier and went down 7%, ah isnt that amazing fellas! Yup who would expect a team of Onyx to beat a team of high rank Diamonds. pshhh those dudes are trash! oh but wait here comes more Esupporter packs to spend more money on, GREAT!!! Just what we needed more duplicate black steel characters, like who cares about a ranking system or lag issues or quitters when u got 6 Black steel classic marcuses. Thank you Coalition for all you hard work, you guys deserve a fat bonus. Have a splendid day and keep up the fantastic work!


welcome to the worst ranking system ever on a gears of war game , IMO if you like play it for fun not for the rank their system is as broke as old BLOCKBUSTER lol

if not stop playing this game thats what i did

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back again. faced a full team of d4 and lost another 6%, who would of thought that D4 Could actually play the game? thanks coalition keep the same ranking system for gears 5! I continue to play this game to only achieve the diamond scion but seeing how this ranking system works i may just give up on it in total and go back to grinding madden 19.


I had to upvote this!!

It’s to the point of being so obnoxious
It’s hilarious!! LOL :joy:

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I just realized that the website says I got no rank at all in TDM in season 2 even though i got diamond and in season 3 it says i was only onyx even though once again i got diamond in it…The issues with the ranking system don’t stop do they

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Nicely done.

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Bro, I played 15 games got MVP lots of them and I’m still stuck at 95% Onyx. I also go positive most of the games and still no change. I did lose one game though and my percentage went down be 2% :rage: TC needs to fix this ranking system now.


i went on the livestream today and asked TC if we were gonna have an august update and will it include an update for the ranking system. They replied it is working as it should and wont be touched for the rest of the season possibly season 5 and 6 who knows. Like bruh even ray charles can see something is wrong with this ranking system. but they’ll just distract you with 2x xp and esupporter packs until gears 5 drops and then the same thing continues.

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It was working at first then all of the sudden it got frozen at 95% and It’s happened to three other people I know. Hope they just take out that system and just bring back Leaderboards or something, :joy:

those will get frozen too lmao, lets keep it real people play to show off that diamond rank at least me personally.

There is an Official Thread for this. Please post Rank related issues/questions there.


im on strike lol

a lot of ppl are… ppl should stop buying skins and stop playing the game and maybe that will get them to tighten up.

they will get their stuff together for gears 5… they have been hearing their mistakes for 2 years now lol

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good lets go all complain on that thread too! lol

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Please, keep all discussions regarding the Rank System on the thread provided below. This allows TC to track, and respond in one location.

Thank you.

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