This has gone too far

No words, :

I have been taking statistics of my games for 4 days and this is the result:
In 8 out of 10 games I end up with my truncated team, there is always someone or several who leave the match, and this is in ranked koth masters.


Octus has confirmed that changes are incoming imminently, that will punish quitters.

I think it might have even mentioned being locked out of matchmaking queues for a period of time after quitting, but not 100% on that part.

Let’s just hope they fix the game hanging when someone quits the lobby when the game is loading before they entertain anything like that.

There’s really no solution to this. Quit penalties only make the game worse, just look at Gears 4. The best option is to run a 5-man and if you don’t have 4 friends online go to LFG

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Something they need to fix is the rejoin match option. Some people do legit get disconnected. I my self do sometimes. My Wi-Fi will cut out. In gears 4 you had the entire duration of the match to rejoin. Now in gears 5 you have like 1 min. It’s takes 1 min just for the game to start back up.

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Yeah, cause preventing people from playing your already dying game is a smart move :rofl:


That kinda seems like an assertion in need of a citation.

Well who want to stay In a severe that gives the other team the upper hand.

They just need to make it that if you finish a game with less players (and will most likely loose) that your rank isn’t affected

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As long as you do well you will be fine. Most games that I lose that I am 4v5 I end up going positive because we won a random round and got +500 points for it or barely lost any points at all

Quit penalties will help though.

Just try not to get too pissed because the algorithm changes when someone quits and if you played well you will be rewarded

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How do you play well in a 3 v 5? maybe 4 v 5?

when your down one person you can easy go from a 4 v 5 to 3 v 5 in seconds and once they get set up its done. hard to have big stats in this when your out numbered at any given time