This has been addressed before

But TC really needs to bring back showing ranks at the end of games. They basically admitted that the reason for removing it is so they can hide their flawed matchmaking and people would stop complaining about it being unfair.
How has that worked out so far?
We’re not dumb. Any decent player can roughly estimate the rank of the players in a lobby within the first 5 minutes of a match. Besides, you can see players’s ranked skins anyways.


It’s makes too much sense to do this.

So naturally,

TC won’t.


No need to show the ranks, i already know the level 1 on my team doesnt have one. :smiley:


Knowing you Teady, im assuming that you get nothing BUT level 1s on your team…

Well you know, theres some level 20s mixed in, maybe a level 60 every now and then. Only the highest caliber of player hand picked by tc.

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I think @TC_Clown they will addresed it until Gears of war 6 arrives if any…

I don’t see them making HUGE changes at the game , they just modify certain things here and there.

You know TC only like to go backwards when it comes to Gears.

Gears 4 - Cog/Swarm/Horde loadout
Seeing everyones rank

Gears 5 - 1 load out for EVERYTHING
See only your rank not even your own team

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Well considering all the smurfs out there it really doesn’t matter to show the ranks in the match.

I’ll give you a tip. Before the match starts press right trigger to see the prestige levels & you can more or less determine. Of course that’s not a final indicator because there are smurf accounts.

I once got happy a while back that I had a prestige 18 on my team, that finally someone will know what there’re doing.

Really high level at that time.

And then match started, it was hard to watch.

Definitely a horde player.

PvP just wasn’t working out for them :joy:

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Yeah, tbh high re-up is more often from Horde

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I solely play MP (less and less now) with Boost from day 1 and I’m only just slightly into Re-Up 11.

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Im re-up 6 I think lol

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Lower the Re-Up, less pain playing this game :joy:

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last time I care at reups was in Gears 4 , in Gears 5 man… I just don’t care at all. . .

I’m at re-up 5 …

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True true. I just think rank doesn’t matter with all these smurfs. I hate it too. Because I lose a round to a smurf & the game thinks I lose to a bronze or silver & have everything to lose. While they have everything to gain. Smh. That’s on the community though.

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This is always ridiculous,

Any high ranked/skilled player can “save” their rank and just go on a smurf and do whatever they want and affect 9 others in the game.


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Hopefully one day soon this will be implemented. They said they’re totally redoing the rank system. So I’d imagine with that being done, they’re smart enough to have this feature. That’s if they follow through with this totally new system though lol. But first, I prefer to know why I’m D3 in KOTH, yet get matched with 2 children with zero hand eye coordination from Botswana that are bronze 2 on my team. Its basically every game I play now. If they showed ranks for this they know ppl will instantly quit. Which I swear is the reason for not seeing ranks.


What do you have against smurfs?

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almost nobody likes them man… it was a concept that didn’t work in the past, and in the future it has failed big time and you know it.

Dragon Ball its the way to go now…


I hate smurfs