This gnasher now is terrible

Can we get a revert please ?
How and why do I get a constant deaths from shooting someone to get 99%?
Why is the spread bigger and wider when hard aiming in / spread is not in recticle when fired
Why is the spread when aimed down sight bigger compared to a hip fire shot ? It does not make sense .
Why do you get gibbed even further away than ever?
Why am I rolling more under classic alt scheme ?
Why is the melee still able to lock on and shoot quick straight afterwards .
Why do you update the game then break something else . Eg Music in menus goes missing / can’t see who was your party etc ( which I know is fixed now )


The 99% is very annoying. I don’t really understand why happens so often.

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The #’s don’t tell the truth.

They did some update to the #’s where it just shows 99% , most of the time.

It’s very annoying but don’t rely on it.

My advice is just ignore it & play.

Wish I could take % off like kill cam because it’s just bogus.

This really pisses me off. Where is the down? Do you have to do 100% to down them and more than 100% to gib them? Seriously, wtf…

It’s because they have taken out the one shot down.
Another problem is you think your in gib range yet they go down instead . This mini update has ruin gears for me . You outplay players with perfect shots on your reticle yet most of the spreads misses or you out move a player and hit them with a one shot but you get 97 98 99 and no kill but you die instead

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Taken out one shot downs? You can’t take something out that was never there in the first place.

The whole 99% dmg is because they removed the pellet round up system.
So instead of doing a max of 87% dmg outside of gib range you’re now able to do 99%.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to read the what’s up.
Rather than acting like a child.

They increased the spread of gnasher while ads and hipfire by a fair amount.

That could never go wrong especially when made slower in movement.

This is just gears, u win some u lose some.

For every great match u have and u think u play with god mode on just think how the ppl on the other team feel when u 1 shot them but ur full red, everyone takes turn.


No they messed up the tuning and have made it more casual and easier for stacks to control maps.

I dont think its possible to control maps with the gnasher, but the lancer… yes.

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A lot of rings in king beg to differ

this poopy gnaser slowing me down on content :confused:

I didnt no rings carried guns, my bad.

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Get used to it, it’s much better now. The round up system sucks hard!!!

I don’t think this is true. You can test this by yourself by shooting at a wall at the same distance in both hip fire and aimed down the sight. You can then see the pellet patterns on the wall.

I have when you hard aim 4 pellets are outside the reticle .
While hip fire is just a little bit wider .
So how I see it is what’s the point in pop shots when your pellets are gonna miss most of the time . And you don’t get rewarded for accuracy

Get good


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I’d rather complain about things that I can’t change.

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot more 98-99%’s lately. I just had to squeeze the nearby stress ball if it happens as I know we’ll be waiting centuries for it to be fixed🤣.

Fixed? What’s there to fix?

You’re shooting outside the gib range.