This gnasher is terrible

Constant 87% full spread touching a player and doesn’t die . Sort it out . Since this operation it’s the new 83% gears 4 style


Is this live now ? or is it implemented this Tuesday ?

It isn’t currently live, and will be implemented in the dev playlist only when it launches.

Kinda of confused me.
So is it implemented right now and also going to be in the playlist?

Currently it isn’t in the game anywhere.

Next week (approx thursday) will be implemented into the dev playlist so people can try it and TC can get feedback.

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Gnasher is not bad.
Forever crying Gnasher users are bad.


I’m crying because people are not dying when they should be !
The game is flawed right now


Patience…I have a good feeling about Thursday’s update.


That will be reverted back few days later!? :smirk:

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Maybe. Judging by the information, as well as provided images, it looks to be promising.

It basically looks like what the game should’ve launched like. It can’t be any worse than what we currently have.


A couple things.

Last night I hit gold in KOH. With the current caps in place it appears that with any tier above Silver you can only gain GP if you win the match. Is this correct?

Anyone like the idea of lowering Eliminations to 1 GP?

I like the changes to FFA. 8 players and more maps. Kudos.

Can someone clarify what ADS values are?

Lol. I love reading “Gnasher is terrible” all the time.:roll_eyes: Just because you died and your opponent didn’t, doesn’t mean the gnasher is @#$!% broke. Play the new dev feedback Playlist on August 6th and contribute your feedback to TC if you’re so convinced its terrible.

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People that complain about the gnasher make me laugh. Getting 87% in one, ESPECIALLY with how large the gib range is, is borderline impossible. You must be shooting from so far away and thats an issue with the games population, they want to point and click a shotgun from 10 foot and gib someone.

The shotgun elements that made the game so famous have already been ruined without people asking for a bigger gib range, Please out some time in and practice and understand 87 in 1 is literally you landing all your pellets, but you are too far away. Thats it.


I agree, shotgun got worse. People eating shots. Im not even bothering posting a vid, not worth it. But TC dont care about it, they just thinking how to make money

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Yeh the ranking is like that and it’s flawed as ■■■■ haha

I’m pretty sure the issue isnt people attempting to gib when out of range, I’m pretty sure a large number of these complaints are due to the enemy being within gib on your screen (due to lag prediction, interpolation etc) but really not according to the server.

The devs have said, and other people will parrot, that the kill cam isnt accurate. If you record your gameplay, the kill cam represents a 1 to 1 of what happened in your game world before you died so if the kill cam really is inaccurate then so is what you’re looking at when you’re playing.


Lol, I don’t think they will enjoy that playlist. If they still haven’t figured out what gib range is, I doubt they will appreciate the greatly reduced/removed magnetism.

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Devs are working on fixing it, just hang tight till Tuesday.