This game still has potential

Changes can be made to please all players . Please remove shot delay . Stop forcing me to play a certain way (hey that rhymes lol) but seriously REMOVE it please and do something with this matchmaking.


First day on the Internet?



Yep shot delays been by far the biggest issue since it was introduced in OP5.


I’ll agree with your sentiment and your rhyming.
Shot delays mess up my timing.


Sorry Gears 5 is stuck where it is.
Only Gears 6 can save the franchise now… Or Microsoft will sack The Coalition and bring the original creators back one way or another. You know, like Bungie ended back at Microsoft.

Although i do wonder, will it make a difference.

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this game’s been out for almost 2 years. any ‘potential’ it had vanished a long time ago. TC can never un-bungle the disaster that this game was at launch. Sure it’s better now but their window is gone. Better just hope Gears 6 doesnt suck


Had potential. Had.


You just made my day. Thank you have a great one :slight_smile:

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The game is as good or as bad as it’s going to get.


The game is boring and is not because of the tuning. It lacks innovation.


But when they try to change anything, everyone flips out. I’m not defending tc but one of the reasons why the game is flat is because the most vocal of the community want a one gun game.


To be honest, the community can’t figure out what Gnasher they want. It’s been nearly 15 years since Gears 1 and the community still can’t even agree on what tuning they want on a shotgun.

Either TC does some innovation and try to do something different or this community will still be arguing over what they want in the Gnasher for the next 15 years until the series dies.

I agree, they would get some hate for it, but sometimes (not all the time), you’ve got to carry on down the road and see the job through to the end, rather than changing every few months because the community doesn’t like it.

Like Gears 5, we’ve had slow movement, fast movement, now slow again, we’ve had a strong Lancer and now a weaker one, a strong Gnasher and a weaker Gnasher, 5v5 and 4v4…

Pick a path and go from there, otherwise we will be having these meaningless arguments until the series dies.


Before you skip my post cuz it’s too long, just read the first paragraph:

“Some people say, “Give the customers what they want.” But that’s not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they’re going to want before they do. I think Henry Ford once said, “If I’d asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, ‘A faster horse!’” People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s why I never rely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.” - Steve Jobs

Coming up is a wall text, worth reading tho.

I’ll illustrate this to you on a real life example which I read from a book called “Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking”

Many years ago Coke was losing market share to Pepsi. Coke thought they were losing because of the taste. Pepsi did a “Pepsi Challenge” in which they brought random people to a lab, asked them to taste two cups, one with pepsi and one with coke. The participants didn’t know which was which, but turns out most people like pepsi when they did this test.

Coke decided to do the test themselves and found out that 58% of the people preferred Pepsi over Coke (compared to 42%)

What did they do? They tweaked the taste of it. They made it sweeter, did several tests until the majority of participants preferred coke over pepsi.

They decided to release New Coke to the public and guess what happened? People hated it, sales declined and people protested. It wasn’t long until they brought back the old coke.

Why did this happen? Well, there are many reasons, a few are:
1- Pepsi may be more enjoyable if you have a sip, but what if you had a full glass of pepsi and coke? Would the results be the same?
2- What if testing Pepsi first and then Coke made a difference? It could happen.
3- Some people may prefer coke once they see the brand.

Customer feedback is important, but if you rely exclusively on what people want, you are going to get the same game we had since 2006 but with better graphics. You are going to add the same mods with a different twist like Control, or even Gridiron which is just capture the flag. These are not the kind of changes that brings new players to a game.

And that’s TC’s problem. From OP2 to OP4 they changed the tuning back and forth every 1 or 2 weeks, always trying to satisfy the majority (which is hard to identify in the first place). They finally decided on a tuning (they went for a safe choice as well, less satisfying for me though) but didn’t really did anything new for the game (the exception being FFA)

If TC wants to revive Gears, they need to look at other games and see what makes them great. You have games like Overwatch that every hero has a different ability (We have this in Horde, why not make a PvP mode that combines the PvE mechanics with versus?)

You have Battlefield that has lobbies with like over 40 players. Gears is literally a war game and we are playing in 8 player lobbies lmao.

I don’t know, you have a game that has monsters with powers, you have vehicles (silverback), field destroying weapons (hammer of dawn) and none of these assests are used on pvp. It’s just a missed opportunity.


Please don’t challenge them :joy::joy::joy:


The late op 5 tuning is what did gears 5 in for me

Even CS Dom and Lizzie cant save pvp for me :pensive:

Pve is excellent though. But I have zero drive to even play pve anymore. But then again I’m losing interest in games lol.


The battlefield comparison is the best way to describe it. They are always pushing the envelope with every game. Have they made mistakes? Yes but at least they tried go different places. I’m slowly finding myself playing bf4 over gears 5.
Probably the most damning thing I can say about TC is I feel like the only person on the staff that cares about the franchise is the pve guy and it shows.

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Cliff and rod were terrible for gears. The current mp lead has been there since gow1, i think they need a consultant.

I agree. . Complaints from pros & people who make content. I don’t want this game to be all gnasher (as much as I love the gnasher & wall bouncing ) just balanced .

We all have our different ideas on the best tuning and the best version of Gears multiplayer (PvP) but that doesn’t matter. TC should make the game a fun experience which keeps players at all skill levels playing.

Sometimes game devs need to stick to their guns rather than listening to their fans especially when the fans are so split on what they want.