This Game’s Matchmaking Is Starting To Really Suck

Just wow. I was playing some ranked tdm the other day when I went up against a player that peaked my interest. For context, I’m ranked as I bronze 1 (kinda bs, but last season was bad too). As we were playing, this guy was destroying our team. I put up what little fight I could against him but he was just too good. I figured he was in the same boat as me, unfairly low ranked and forced to play with bronzes as well. Out of curiosity, I asked him what his rank was to which he replied diamond 2. He certainly moved and played like one so I just believed him.

This means that I’m literally playing against (in some cases) diamond level players. We were predicted to win too. I saw someone else post something like “5 silvers with 12k points each have a higher team skill level than 2 masters and 3 bronzes on the other team.” After what I’d gone through, I now believed this which brings me to a blank. Why? Does this mean that in skill based matchmaking the game literally just pulls 10 people whose skill points combing to come close to each other’s? Without even regarding their actual rank in game? Why are ranks really even in this game. Half the people that play this game think that the ranking system is terrible, and the other half (even if their right) can’t even come up with logical reasoning or proof as to why it isn’t flawed. We can’t see them, they don’t work properly, and people on the opposite side of the skill spectrum are playing with and against each other.

TC hasn’t used anything we’ve suggested for the system, and haven’t taken any steps forward fixing it. Why? Also, what are some of you guy’s favorite impeccably stupid moments in this game? Mine is the magnetic bullets.

I stopped caring about rank and just play for a chance to have sweaty matches. On TDM I climbed up from Silver 1 to Gold 2 and after placements I was Bronze 1 lmao. Even as Bronze 1 I felt like I was matched with Diamonds and Masters with all the roadie strafing and wall cancel plays during duels.

That, and false or “phantom” pellets that don’t recognize hits despite the crosshairs saying so.
And designated spongy enemies that sponge through the whole game, there’s always that ONE enemy where I’m forced to use ranged methods cuz the gnasher just will not cut it.

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He must mean his old ranking before the latest update. Everyone is bronze now. I think it’s to put off stress from the broken ranked tier system. Because of the ever reducing player count.

Got to be the pure lack of people playing. Being thrown into any server with anyone that’s playing.
Not uncommon either that he’s been stacking with a bunch of mates who are all bronze rank.

they need to balance Ping, Rank and Matchmaking times.

if you want all bronze1 players in your game with decent ping times in your region then you’d be looking at long MM times.

does everyone who makes these threads not realize the game doesn’t have an endless pool of players to pick from?

hypothetical: 100 possible players. cut that down due to server region(ping), cut that down due to the mode your playing, cut that down due to Ranks, cut that down to when people actually get on to play. this is why we have a wide gamut of ranks in our games.

player population is everything and I shake my head every time a player states they turn off cross-play. all it’s doing is hurting the MM process for themselves and others.

you ever wonder why they don’t show population numbers? Even when asked on Dev Streams about specific numbers they wont tell us for "Reasons"

I completely understand that this games player base is quite small now and would be fine if I was occasionally ranked with/against a gold or something, but there is truly no reason for me to be rank with someone on the complete other side of the skill spectrum. If there aren’t enough players in the mode I’m playing then the game should tell me. For instance, if I’ve been looking for a match for 5 minutes and the game can’t find anyone within my skill rank there should be a message like “We cannot find players of in a similar skill range of yours, continue searching and risk going against higher ranks or search another mode”. Why would a bronze player ever go against a diamond level player in ranked? It literally says “Play matches against similarly skilled opponents” on the menu item.

I can deal with long match making times if the match I’m about to play if fair and balanced, but I’m not waiting 5+ minutes to be thrown into a pile of players for my rank evaluation. It’s a terrible method that they use. This game has an average of about 10k players on at any given time and your telling me that the game can’t find me a fair game or at least tell me I’m walking into a death trap?

Lastly, the skill point system they have is complete trash. It is more fair for 2 diamond 5s and 3 bronzes than just 5 silvers? That’s insane! At least have it like in gears 4 where there was matches where you would play with someone who wasn’t within 4 or 5 skill changes of you (an onyx 1 rarely played against a diamond 3 or higher or silver 2 or less).

Population is very low so the only player left playing most likely high skilled players
Ranks don’t mean much now

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this is a great way for TC basically give up and tell the player to go play another game because this one is dead. it’s the last thing they want

less players in the game means less players going into the store and buying things

this was a a problem in Gears 4 too and I always thought that having 16 ranks cover a small population was adding to exact the issues were looking at here.

Look at Overwatch it has 7 Ranks total with a game that has no population issues whatsoever.

TC’s obsession with trying to turn this game into the “next great E-sport” is hurting it.

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Ranked mode has always been dead for gears on my country not enough player base for the modes
Similar case in other country’s too
Only country’s u can actually find ranked matches are USA and probably neighbouring country’s
So with a game with such a low pop and only limited amount of people can get ranked matches

The best thing to play is custom game browser no wait time’s just straight gears the way it always was

Do ranks even matter?

Mine is getting disconnected from a game saying the connection was lost or I was removed from the game and then it asks me if I want to join back, I get kicked from at last 4 games a day and I can join back when the menus load, why am I getting kicked in the first place, never known a game to kick you out and then let you join back in straight away, it’s getting very irritating. Sometimes it says I was either kicked or the connection timed out. The stability of the servers are crap.


I’ll usually get kicked out in the last 1-2 minutes and are able to join back, but can’t spawn in, which means I still get banned

It’s really bad matchmaking lol

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I enjoy not finding games as 4 or 5 man, but then thrown into a match alone against a 4 man and given bots who sit yards away with their gnashers out trying to secret man every kill. I’ve never had the worst experience on a gears game like this before and I thought Judgment was the last of that but isnt. This took the cake.

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