This game really Sucks!

Well I’m begging to hate this game, you might be wonder why, well I don’t know why every time I play Ranked there’s some people that leaves that’s really annoying in all my games most of the people leave and the game keeps me placing me with those dumb guys I really hate that.
Seriously you should ban those that leave after some time cuz it’s annoying form me and also for the other players I would like to see that this game becomes better meanwhile I’ll keep losing thanks to dumb people. %#$&#

So the community is full of ■■■■■ n has been since g1 n thats somehow TCs fault? Listen ban me of gears if i quit a ranked cause 4 teammates rush brainfirst into the open with gnashers. Never using support fire off spawn etc. Ill be timed out n playin another, far better game. TC needs to make a better gears n it would be less frequent of an issue but the community has been toxic since 1… o using snub or lancer in g1. Booted cause host is a ■■■■■ who doesnt like gears as a whole. 1 shot down active sniper, hit u in the head when u standin up n cant shoot back or move cause they tgink they so good. That was literally 90% of garbage lobbies in g1.

Play ranked to have as many players as possible. U get under a god number of players. Find a better gane. U wanna show ur skill n “rank” in the world. Go play lan tournaments. Ranks always been a joke in every online game. H3 was bs. I tied 24 kills in a lone wolves for second place. Other dude under us had like maybe 18 kills n i still lost rank… basically every game sucks… get used to it. Its why people quit, no one cares but people who think they got somethin to prove in a laggy online match. I just want a good match n if i have to quit a bad ranked game to get in 1… then u ■■■■■■ right im out.

I also hate those who get out but you have to understand that this game sucks so much that it makes it very difficult to stand it.
I’m out myself because I can’t stand the mobility and the fact that the shots don’t register as they should (something unacceptable in a shooter).
And if we add to that the lousy pairing system of this game, it makes it even harder to want to stay.