This game made me feel guilty and wrong

So I just had a moment in this game. I’ve been playing Gears, like most of you, since the original. The one that we all fell in love with and the one that introduced us to the Gnasher and the art of wall-bouncing. In my opinion, we’ve been chasing that high since the first game but that’s not the point…

Anyway, I’m playing a TDM on Bunker. My squad just completely annihilated the enemy team and they were down to a single Marcus. I find where he’s hiding. He has his shotgun out. I have my lancer out. This dude wants nothing more than to bounce around and make a clutch comeback with the shotty. He starts doing his moves and I just aim my lancer at him, hold down the trigger and the dude goes down almost instantly.

There was no epic battle. No chance for him to comeback. I lancered him for a couple seconds and that was it. That was the end of his story. Afterwards, I felt guilty and I felt shame. I know I could have had a shotty battle with him. But behind me was 4 dudes with lancers. It wouldn’t have mattered.

Are the oldheads of Gears being punished for playing the game the way they grew up with it?


The multiplayer developers havent captured what makes a great MP experience, the ability to make such plays or least the chance to.

Thier disregard for anything resembling balance makes it abudundatly clear that they enjoy gears with a piece or pizza in one hand at the weekends.

They are obsessed the making low skill/effort weapons overpowered since the introdction on insane lancers and stopping power.

They dont realise that the true excitment comes from allowing players to actualize.

Such a shame as the visual artists ausio designers etc did such a great job. Thry basically have someone who is a noob employed who never expereinced true glory in gears 1/Ue.


Maps arent the same, 5 players instead of 4. Guys are complaining about the wrong things

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That’s frustrating to hear. The 1 thing I really love about Gears games is the ability to clutch like it’s an art form. That 1 shot weapon that you can’t use while flying around.
I do think the lancer has it’s place and needs to be strong but the general consensus seems to be that it’s changed the nature of the game.

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I just logged in in my profile to say:

Gears Drama approves!


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Oh I needed this this morning… HAHAHA

But true. This game is different. no 1v3 clutches in this game.

No hyper bounce


Yes. Just yes. This game caters to noobs and randoms.

This was the adrenaline rush of Gears of War (one).

1v4 Execution matches, where you end up winning…

Gears 5 barely gives this opportunity.

Gears of War was like almost every round!

One person would go down, then two!

Then the last two on the opposite team would be like, okay, let’s work together lol, we gotta slow this down.

And people respected those who actually dominated, rather than this boring UP + A technique…